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Jan 13, 2005 11:32 AM

northern Sussex County, NJ

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A friend and I will be spending a day in northern Sussex County doing some skiing near Vernon sometime soon. Any food recommendations for that area? I’m willing to drive a bit—Sparta, West Milford, Franklin, etc. Or I guess we could cross over into a neighboring New York town.

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  1. In Andover the Tuscany Bistro on Rte 206 is a winner!

    Another spot right down the road on 206 is Springdale Junction. Tell Dave (the owner) Ray "Zagat" sent ya....

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      King Of Northern Blvd

      I'll second Tuscanny Bistro! Attended a fabulous party there awhile back....I was draaged out of NYC on a Sunday afternoon and was pleasantly suprised at the quality of food.....

    2. I tend to favour Zoe's by the Lake as the best fine dining in this area. It's located right on the waterfront of Seneca Lake in Sparta.

      On my last visit, the chef threw down a smoked gorgonzola from Oregon(?) that I had never tasted before in the amuse. I also recall having soft shell crabs followed by a lamb entree -- both were exquisitely prepared. Try the chocolate sampler dessert, although it might be best to split it between two.