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Jan 7, 2005 04:36 PM

Japanese Restaurants, Glen Cove, LI

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We're new in area & like sushi. Is there a good Japanese retaurant in Glen Cove?

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  1. I am in Glen Cove/Sea Cliff area too. I personally do not eat sushi, but I know East Wok has both chinese food as well as a full sushi bar - their food quality in general is good, so that might be worth a shot.

    There is a small Japanese restaurant in the "Wendys" shopping center (accross from McDonalds) that you might want to try. Might be better Chinese around here rather than Japanese (Hunan Taste on 25A is a fav of mine)

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      I second the recommendation of Shiko, the Japanese restaurant in the Wendy's shopping center.

      My wife and I have checked out as many restaurants in Glen Cove as we can and Shiko is one of the few that we've ordered from (we've never actually eaten there) more than once.

      Not a big fan of the sushi at East Wok although we do consider their Chinese the "best" in Glen Cove. I agree with the other poster that Hunan Taste on Northern Boulevard is the best Chinese in the area (but that wasn't your question).

      Here's another unsolicited recommendation in the area: Wild Fig for Turkish.

      Welcome to the neighborhood.

    2. The best Japanese in the area is Hokkaido on Willis Ave in Albertson. If you like sushi sit at the sushi bar and ask for Tony... He is wonderful... When I go there I tell him to just feed me

      1. I think Shiko is pretty bad. I have eaten there and never will again. It smells like rotten fish! I even gave it another shot for takeout based on some reviews on this board and actually got a bad (bad as in rotten) roll. Never again. It is sad, but the best sushi in Glen Cove is at the supermarket. Can't wait to try Hokkaido.

        1. not in glen cove, but not far. Green Wagon Market in Oyster Bay on Pine Hollow Road.

          another unsolicited plug: Wild Honey in O.B. is excellent creative american menu

          1. Try Shiro of Japan on Old Country Road in Carle of my faves!