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Jan 6, 2005 02:12 PM

Azul Tequila - Norwalk, CT

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Has anyone been here yet?

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  1. No, I haven't yet been to Azul Tequila, but I'm giving your original note a bump in the hopes that someone else has. Anyone?

    I picked up a card on some of my travels, though: Azul Tequila: Fine Mexican Cuisine, 10 Monroe St., Norwalk, 203/853-2819. I'm guessing that this is near the South Norwalk train station, but am not sure.


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    1. re: Miss Sue

      This place was amazing for its Mexican food but it has now closed which is very sad b/c they had the BEST chorizo nachos ever!!!! Their food was really amazing but I heard they weren't making any business!!

      1. re: Miss Sue

        Azul Tequila is amazing, but they have closed for lunch. I beleive they are still open for dinner. Their refriend beans and fajitas are the best I have had outside of NYC.

        1. re: wks7578

          I heard it is closed permanently. That they went out of business b/c they were not making enough money. Wks when was the last time u were there??