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Dec 28, 2004 02:29 PM

Lady Cake Shop in Syosset and Plainview

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They used to make a wonderful dessert called "Cheese Delight" that I have never found anywhere else -- light fluffy baker's cheese, fruit, and a dusting with chocolate cake crumbs. Does anyone know if anyplace has their recipes and/or products? I live in NoVa now, but would make a trip to LI for that, with pleasure.

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  1. Just seeing the Lady Cake shop in the subject line brought back a wave of memories. The last thing i remember having from there was an unbeliveable plum tart and all our birthday cakes came from there. I wish there were more bakeries like they were still around, where you could get basic no frill baked goods. The Bakery in Plainview is good for some things, make a great philly marble loaf. Thanks for the memories


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    1. re: Ann

      They still exist in Plainview??? Same recipes??? OMG somebody tell me if they have their "Cheese Delight" and if you bring one down to Northern VA, I will take you out to lunch.

      1. re: Lee

        No unfortunately it is not Lady Cake but a bakery called THE Bakery. Sorry if i got your hopes up


        1. re: Ann

          Sigh. I guess the yummies of yesteryear are forever gone. But SOMEBODY must know what happened to the family who owned it and the bakery recipes??? Maybe, maybe, maybe..... ya never know.

          1. re: Ann

            My husband loves The Bakery's black & white cookies.