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Dec 3, 2004 01:29 PM

Pizza in Stamford

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I am convinced that Luna Pizza on Summer St in Stamford, CT is the best NYC Style pizza in Stamford. I mentioned this to the guy who runs/owns(?) the place and he said I was perceptive in that NYC Pizza is based on a recipe from Naples as is his. Would love to hear the thoughts of others...Remember, we are talking NYC style pizza specifically.

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  1. I think Michellina's (sp?) is as close to NYC pizza as it gets. They are off of High Ridge Road behind Main Wah. While in that neighborhood stop in next door to Fratelli Ravioli - they make great sandwiches, my favorite.

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    1. re: sabra

      while I like the pizza from this place (michellina's or whatever it is called), I wouldn't really characterize it as NYC-style. The crust is totally different from the thinner, more charred, slightly more crips and almost smokey crust of a good NYC slice.

      1. re: adamclyde

        Well, this discussion confirms it, there are not a lot of great NYC style pizza options in this town. BTW, Colony is NOT NYC style Pizza, "greek" pizza doesn't count as well...keep those cards and letters coming :)

    2. I think you're right about Luna being among the best pizza in Stamford, but, in my opinion, that's not saying much. I've been mystified for years over why you can't get a good pie here, given the availability of lots of other decent cuisines, and the city's Italian heritage.

      Maybe I'm missing something. I'd love to hear others POV.

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      1. re: cteats

        CTEats - Nope, you're right on. It's definitely a mystery as to why there isn't better pizza in Fairfield County!

      2. For NYC style pizza, get on the train. For really good pizza in Fairfield County, try Post Corner Pizza in Darien on the Post Road. I've been going there for 30 years. Theirs is Greek style, cut in squares and with delicious crunchy crust. Also try Colony Grill in Stamford. Very thin, spicy pies. It's really a bar, but they do takeout if you don't feel like sitting in a bar. Sorry, don't have phone numbers or exact addresses at hand.

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        1. re: neighbor

          Colony Grill
          172 Myrtle Avenue
          Stamford, CT

          It's not really a pizza shop but a bar that serves pizza, and only pizza, no sandwiches or salads or soups, just pizza.

          1. re: giselle

            Colony has gone downhill. It basically sucks now. Go elsewhere

            1. re: TD

              Was there over Christmas. Grew up there. Been back at least once a year for past 12 years after leaving Stamford. Heard that neither Fitz nor Skeets are there anymore. Staff got busy and took the phone off the hook so you couldn't call ahead. Was told to wait 45 minutes for a take out order. Bar staff seemed rushed to point of being curt. Never would happen with Fitz on bar. Due to the wait, I didn't order. But the stuff leaving the kitchen didn't even LOOK the same as it did just a year ago.

              They probably chip the good china now, too.

              1. re: Panini Guy

                "...probably chip the good china now, too." great line!

                yeah, colony is a local bar. i go there for pizza and a beer twice a year - whether i need it or not.

          2. re: neighbor

            Love the post corner pizza in Darien - great place - definitely Greek Pizza tho

          3. yes Colony has gone downhill but it is not too bad. It has the largest variety of pizza. Michelina's I don't care for. It is far too overpriced. For cheap pizza that delivers get luigi's. But the best pizza in Stamford is definitely Mario's.

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            1. re: seafoodboy

              Colony is still the best, mostly because there is nothing like it anywhere. Post Corner is good Greek pizza, as is Jordan's in Norwalk. Letizia's is my favorite Italian style pie. Pepe's in Fairfield is great New Haven-style pizza.

              HOWEVER! I hear that there is a new place opening in Stamford that will blow everyone away. It will supposedly model itself after the Holy Trio of Grimaldi's & Totonno's in Brooklyn, and Lombardi's in Manhattan. Coal burning, brick-oven, charred crust, authentic sauce, and homemade mozzarella. A much-needed addition to the Stamford pizza scene.

              Stay tuned for the name and more info as I hear it.

              1. re: Fairfield Foodie

                The name is Remo's and it is right on Bedford Street. I am very hopeful. I peered through the paper over the windows a few days ago and the interior looks finished. I expect they'll open soon, and are probably waiting for stuff like the liquor license and the payments system.

                If this makes me sound desperate, please understand that we live in a pizza-deprived town, with a few edible options but nothing approaching good.

                1. re: cteats

                  There's no such thing as desperation when it comes to searching for great pizza. Outside of NYC, the best I ever found was in a bizarre location in Point Pleasant, on the Jersey Shore. Wood burning brick oven... I've been dreaming of it ever since. If this place on Bedford is even half way there, I'm going to be a very happy camper.

                  By the way, we should probably start a new thread on this if we want to chat more about it, since this thread is 2 years old.

                  thanks for the heads up on Remo's...

                  1. re: adamclyde

                    OK people...I lived in NYC for years AND New Haven, CT for as in Stamford...New Haven pizza (Modern, Sallys, Pepes, Abate, BAR, Old World, Blues..etc) its just better pizza...I eat pizza every week, I absolutely love pizza from both cities (and colony is a great change of pace once a month for a Stamford pie). Its just that people form NYC have such an arrogance about things that they dont give New Haven pizza a fair shot. As an absolutely unbiased pizza lover Brooklyn and Manhattan are my home!!!, I am settling this one (do not attack me, this is only opinion of course) Unfortunatelly I am in Stamford now, where pizza is terrible (except colony) NYC and New Haven, CT are truly the only wo cities in the country with geat pizza

                    1. re: adamclyde

                      Take a side detour to Devon (that section of Milford) and look for Papa's Pizza tucked away. It is only take-out with one picnic table outside, but you will think Pepe's airlifted on oven to Devon. Go on, try it!

                    2. re: cteats

                      Any word if Remo's has opened yet?

                    3. re: Fairfield Foodie

                      hmmm.... in Monroe try Jennie's on Rte. 111 (sausage or eggplant pizza), or Julian's on Rte. 25 (mushroom & onion) or further up, Carminuccio's on Rte 25 in Newtown - you will probably not be disappointed.

                      1. re: piecrust

                        I know Jenny's and Carminuccio's, but can you be more specific about where Julian's is located? Also, McGowan's on 111 used to be good -- have they recovered, are they still around? Vassy's is another good option in that region, farther south ...

                  2. Belltown pizza on Belltown Road has consistently good pizza, it is a very small pizeria that puts out great food. Other faves from there are the pasta e fagioli, and their veal parm wedge is always a winner.
                    They have nightly specials that are great for taking home when you are on the run.