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Nov 28, 2004 09:29 AM

New Years Eve - Westchester/Rockland

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Any suggestions for a New Years Eve dinner in Westchester or Rockland?
We're in Tarrytown so any of the river towns or inland to Mount Kisco/Pleasantville/Chappaqua or over the bridge to Nyack/Piermont.....

Ideally we're looking for a dinner & then champagne toast at midnight & maybe some dancing.

Alternatively anyone recommend somewhere to watch fireworks/ for midnight toasts?
Then we could go out for dinner first.

Thanks in advance


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  1. blue hill at stone barns

    1. I would highly recommend The Sterling Inn Cafe & Wine Bar. It is not on the water, but it is a beautiful venue and the food is great. I just made a reservation for New Years Eve. It is $75 per person for a five course meal. There is a toast at midnight and dancing. I was also offered open bar for $35. I know the information is posted on their website. Good luck!

      1. Not the river towns, but 2 great deals I have found in White Plains are Antipasti ($95pp for 4 course meal, 4 hour open bar, and DJ) and Peniche ($85 for basically the same thing). Both are great venues, should be lots of fun. Great thing about both (especially Peniche as it's right in front) is the ball drop in NYE occurs right there so you can watch it live! Also, Antipast was $125 last year just for dinner - no drinks included! Shows how the economy is taking its toll. Good luck!

        1. With many disasters under our belt, we are willing to try again and find a nice place to celebrate this New Years Eve. Does anyone have any good reviews from last year? We are looking anywhere in Westchester or surrounding, upscale, dancing/music, etc. Last year we did Kittle House. It was the usual Holiday run-around, limited menu, rushed service, etc.

          Will keep my fingers crossed that somebody somewhere has had a great time and can share!

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            We ended up at Peniche and I can honestly it was exactly what we were looking for. Fun times and great food as always at Peniche, plus they have a lounge downstairs with a DJ for some dancing after dinner. And the ball drops directly in front, so you can step outside to enjoy that if you feel like braving the cold! Perfect couples NYE night.

            175 Main St, White Plains, NY 10601

          2. This year we are heading to Dave & Buster's in the Palisades Center Mall. They are having a New Year's Eve Party for $99 you get a 4 hour bar package, dinner, dessert, a game card, a $25 game card, a champagne toast at midnight and a DJ! They do have packages for the non-drinking adults as well! I heard it on K104...I believe they will be there as well.