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Nov 4, 2004 07:38 PM

Rex's Pizza in Nanuet

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In the late 1960s through early 1970s, Rex's Pizza, in a strip mall on Rt. 59 near the Nanuet-Spring Valley border, was a real institution for Rockland pizza hounds, with some of the best pizza, especially Sicilian, around. lots of us satisfied our munchies there. Any other Rocklanders remember this place? what became of it? I moved out west in 1975 and returned to the Hudson valley in 1998, and it was gone, replaced by a more modern pizza place. and what became of Rex, Gigi, and all the other folks who worked there?

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  1. So, I posted this thread almost 10 years ago, and nobody responded. I am re-posting in hopes that some of you who have joined Chowhound recently may recall Rex's, and because tonight I will be staying at a hotel in very close vicinity to that site.