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Rockland County chow?

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Just moved to Rockland county from Brooklyn, and am looking forward to some good eats, any recommendations?

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  1. For great sushi, try Wasabi in Nyack. You need to have a reservation.

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      I second Wasabi, great food, great service, great atmosphere.

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        Thanks for the help, are there any Spanish restaurants (As in Spain) up here? We love our Spanish food.

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          Barcelona in Tappan is very good.

    2. I just moved out of Rockland and am homesick everyday. Nyack has tons of great restaurants. My favorite is the Thai House on Park st. Good Mexican is Casa del Sol also in Nyack. Just south of Nyack along the Hudson is the town of Piermont a great place is Xaviars and Freelance Wine bar. There is another Xaviars in Congers on rt. 303. Back down south of Piermont is Sparkhill that has a bodega with a great spanish restaurant in the back. Also in Sparkhill is Relish and Easy Gourmet. Back south in Orangeburg just off of Rt 303 is Il Fresco with a cozy wine cellar open for cocktails (I love this place)
      Enjoy Rockland County it is a special place!!!!

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        Mexican place in Sparkill is called La Bamba, and it is yummy. Soft tacos really good... ask for extra onion and cilantro in guacamole if you order it. Soup is a meal on its own.

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          Ditto, Freelance, Xavier's, Restaurant X
          Heather's Nyack Lanterna Nyack

        2. Martios old time pizza on Middletown road. Probably some of the best pizza I've ever had. Decent low down Italian subs, pasta, etc. Home made Italian ices too.


          1. You have to go to Rockland Bakery.

            Not much way to describe it. You'll never look at breads and rolls the same way again. Its all better right out of the oven.

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              Thank you for reminding me. I think going to the Rockland Bakery when I was 7 was a great chowhounding inspiration for me. We picked up enough bread for a family wedding. If you get the bread really fresh and warm, they can't run it through the slicer for you, a small price to pay.

            2. I used to live in Rockland County. The Thai House on Park street is still my favorite restaurant even though I don't get there as often as I wish. The food is always very fresh and delicious. The restaurant has a counterpart in Westchester, but I am still biased for the Nyack one.
              It is so quaint too.

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                Where is the Westchester Thai counterpart??!!

              2. Cafe Tu Tu Tango from Miami is about to open in Nyack. World Tapas take center stage at this Artist's Loft dining joint. In fact, Tapas are all they serve and they are all generally good!

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                  Not in Nyack, but in the Palisades Mall in West Nyack

                2. La Bamba is very good, but the two best Mexican restaurants are Galito's in Haverstraw, with most of the standard Mexican dishes but also unusual items not often seen in Rockland, like huitlacoche.

                  Even better is Dona Maria in Suffern. Mexican food with flair, and everything is done with love snd care. Try the cheese plate as an appetizer: four or five varieties of Mexican cheese that go way beyond queso blanco. Sauces are cooked for hours. Be sure to leave room for dessert, especially the corn pudding.

                  1. Is Dona Maria better than La Hacienda on LaFayette? Have been meaning to get there but haven't yet.

                    1. Oh, yes. Much better. Hacienda does a respectable job at fairly ordinary stuff, with tableside guacamole-making as an cute little mini-floor show, but Dona Maria has a much more varied and interesting menu.

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                        Update: Gallito's in Haverstraw closed and in its place is Union. The chef is Davey who cooked at Peter Kelly's Freelance Cafe for years. It is high-end Latin Fusion. Last night I had the mussel soup- it was incredible. Reminded me of the "oysters and pearls" dish at Per Se. The fresh arepa topped with shrimp, greens and pomengranate seeds ensured that I am never buying another frozen Goya arepa again. Rockland has many great restaurants but this is the first "real" restaurant in Haverstraw.

                      2. A vote for Hacienda for great Mexican in Suffern -- i find Dona Maria a little too fussy and overly rich. And there is a great welcoming family feel at Hacienda. Those of us who used to go to the old Hacienda (before they moved to fancier surroundings) were reluctant to tell anyone about this great place with paper plates and formica tables that served soft tacos and amazing shrimp soup. We were afraid it would get so crowded that we couldn't go there anymore. But now in their new surroundings we tell everyone about it. (Really, try the shrimp soup. Squeeze in plenty of fresh lime. And use warm corn tortillas to scoop up the chunks of onion, carrot and potato.)

                        For Vietnamese -- best is The Vietnam in Hillcrest. Lovely people and great, fresh food.

                        Spanish food ... hmmm ... it's by no means Spanish, but the Dominican place in Nyack ("Rice and Beans") is great for a quick, delicious lunch of rice and beans and plantains. My wife swears they have the best coffee around.

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                          I second the Vietnamese restaurant mentioned by mister, but i think it's in Spring Valley...do you know what road it's on? (11?)

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                            For pizza, I love nanuet restaurant and cicero's in bardonia.
                            Lushane's has a very nice copper bar- their cheese fondue, salads and oysters are great. Relish is also delicious. I also like Art Cafe but their service and timing is quite awful.

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                              Yes, its in Spring Valley on Rt. 45 (otherwise known as N. Main St.)

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                                I guess I'm displaying my Rockland County roots. The Vietnam is north of Spring Valley in (what used to be called) Hillcrest. Anyone remember the Hillcrest Deli? An old-fashioned Jewish deli -- with half-sour and garlic pickles at the table and where you could order chicken fat for your bread. Anyway, The Vietnam is on the E side of Rt 45 across from a large strip mall and before you get to New Hempstead.

                                The Vietnam
                                304A North Main Street
                                Hillcrest/Spring Valley

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                                  Sure, I remember the Hillcrest Deli and the kosher butcher shop that was in the same strip mall. I'm not a Rockland native, but it always has seemed to me that Hillcrest was a neighborhood, not a town. In any event, Vietnam Restaurant is where you say it is and worth the trip.

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                              The Vietname is on Route 45 in Hillcrest across from the Liquidators :) It's a block away from Eckerson Road. It's a great place.. been going there for years and LOVE IT!

                            3. I normally don't post on boards. However, provided I went to the Vietnam (given all the good reviews for the most) tonight (inclduing coaxing other foodie colleagues with some anticipation), I am compelled to comment. (My only other comment on any board anywhere was about the Bhoj (Indian restaurant) on this board as well that I went to over the weekend.)

                              Vietnam (I spent several years there as a child as well (not from there either as much as I am not from India (although spent many years in the region) - addressing my Bhoj review) - is not a worthy title of this restaurant.

                              First, it is in a strip mall that one would be quite cautious to approach at night (euphemistically put). Frankly, I like dives if the food and atmosphere is in tune. I tried several of the dishes recommended on the board (not things I normally try) as well as my "go to" dishes. NOT a single dish tasted anything like I was normally used to at a Vietnamese place. (Not to mention my wife didn't appreciate the "chef" coming to mingle with the diners and kept scratching his rather unkempt (and what appeared to unwashed) head.

                              I really don't know where to begin or end. Let me put it this way - even the pho and rice were sad! I just can't seem to stop burping back the stuff for some reason and it just compounds the unpleasant experience. I have had plenty of good (and not so good) Vietnamese; this is one that seems to tread new category. Maybe it works for people in Spring Valley. It definitely is not one for folks who have tried decent food. I would have much preferred a Wendy's (and I have that ~4x a year!).

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                                I must admit - as I was reading down these postings, I was ready to leave the computer, hop in the car and go to the Vietnamese place to bring in dinner for tonight, trying it for the tirst time! Of course that is what makes horseracing - everyone has their own favorite - but aridar's posting is really a turn-off. oh well.

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                                  Oh no!! I LOVE the Vietnam! It's one of my family's favorite places.Yes, it is not a fancy place at all but I think the food there is delicious. The spring rolls, fried tofu and green papaya appetizers are so yummy and I always go for either the pork chops or lettuce wraps for entree. It doesn't have a great ambience but the food is delicious and for take out obviously it's perfect.

                                  1. re: tinery

                                    I agree that Vietnam is very good. Not the best Vietnamese I've been to (in NYC and Houston) , but it really hits the spot. I like their clay pot fish, and papaya salads (particularly the one with crispy anchovies).

                                    The one qualm is that often the spring rolls seems to have been made a while in advance and stored in the fridge. They need to be at room temp...

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                                      Good news! Part of the family that owns Vietnam has opened a new place where the food is equally excellent and the decor and ambiance considerably more attractive than at the Spring Valley location. It's in Ridgewood, NJ, and is called Mekong Grill (www.mekonggrillrestaurant.com). The same core foods, but a more expansive menu. It's BYO (with a liquor store conveniently right next door if you forget to bring something).

                                      1. re: JRBlack

                                        This is, quite possibly, the best news I've heard all week...THANKS!

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                                      Really? One bad post and yer out??? I say that the Vietnam is probably one of the most consistantly good- no great- Vietnamese Restaurants in the NJ/NY area.....Aridar either had bad night or was in a bad mood. I've never had anything less than stellar there (can't say the same for Bhoj). Try it and report back.

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                                        I's a going - just haven't gone yet - but it sounds like I am definitely going to enjoy from the majority - - actually now that I am thinking about it as I type - I might go tomorrow and take out for us as a pre-thanksgiving dinner! Great idea! I'll let you know!

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                                          Good! I can HIGHLY recommend the Bahn Xeo (pancake), Vietnamese Fajita (don't know what the # is, but it's on the app page), papaya salad, honey chicken w/sticky rice, and the Pho....other dishes don't disappoint, but those are my favorites.

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                                            i would love to try the pho - but not sure how that transports home?? Iwould imagine it is probably better eating at the place cooked fresh?

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                                              They package it all up separately- noodles, broth, veggies, sauce...then when you get home, you can reheat the soup & build it yourself

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                                              So - i STILL have yet to go - my son was so excited with the suggestion that he chose to ditch me and go there with his buddies who were home for the Thanksgiving holiday instead! Oh well - it is still on my list. And, my son LOVED it BTW!

                                      2. re: aridar

                                        Also want to add: Aridar has exactly 2 posts to his/her name.....can't say that they've built much of a reputation based on their reviews. Check the source.

                                      3. My two favorites Greenhouse Cafe in Pearl River, upper end greek food, great specials, excellant wait staff. Corenettas in Piermont, great old seafood reataurant right on the river salad and hot mussell bar included in dinner price. They have an outside dining pavillion but it has a more limited menu and no salad bar, but a great place for a drink before or after dinner right on the water

                                        1. Also having recently moved to Rockland from the city, one of the hardest food adjustments was finding take out options for dinner.
                                          There are plenty of good Italian options. I like Posa Posa for entrees and sandwiches, Ciceros for pizza and their extensive salad menu, Nonnas for unusual slices, like chicken marsala.
                                          Bon Chon Chicken in Nanuet for Korean style chicken wings
                                          Prepared foods from Old World Market in Nyack will do for a quick dinner in a pinch.
                                          Sakana sushi seems to be the best for take-out sushi. They also have some Thai things on their menu, but I haven't tried yet.
                                          I second the recommendations on Wasabi in Nyack, although that's more of a "fancy" place.
                                          Has anyone tried Bombay Grill, that recently opened in New City?

                                          Posa Posa
                                          121 Rockland Ctr, Nanuet, NY 10954

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                                            this is another reason why I love this site - i have been living in Rockland for an eternity and have never heard of Nonna's! I will have to make my way there. As for Bombay Grill - haven't dined there but it is always empty.

                                            1. re: colfaxBee

                                              colfax - When were you at Nonnas last? They have new owners - I set out to find it last night and did!

                                              1. re: smilingal

                                                It's been a few months since I've been to Nonna's. They are relatively new, I think, opening in the last year or so. Hope it was worth your trip!

                                                1. re: colfaxBee

                                                  it was just ok - nothing to seek out.

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                                                Referring to Bombay Grill in New City, it's a must try restaurant. We've been there twice. The first time was around their opening, and unfortunately they didn't have a large enough menu, and hadn't ironed out the kinks yet. However the owner was very nice and kept trying to impress, by bringing us free samples of appetizers and tastes of mango lassis, and free deserts. We didn't really care for the limited menu though. However, we tried it again last month, and it was delicious. The menu is now an officially printed menu with many selections. The vegetable samosas were a delicious appetizer. For dinner, I recommend the chicken tikki masala. Just the right amount of heat as well as creaminess. The onion naan bread was also delicious. My husband had a beef dish with spicy chilis and onion. I can't remember the name, however it was spicy. Very good if you like the heat!

                                                Bombay Grill was a pleasant surprise, and we plan on going often!

                                                Bombay Grill
                                                Latham, NY, Latham, NY

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                                                  Bombay Grill is good, it is not the best and no where comparable to NYC indian restaurants but it is probably the best indian Rockland has as I've tried all of them over the years and this one we have gone back and also done take out a few times. I agree the owner is very nice and that is always a positive sign. I hope they do well because it's nice to have one close by.

                                                  As far as other restaurants, Wasabi is our favorite and lucky for us they now have a more casual version in New City. We frequent that one and save Nyack for special occasions. New City has some of the same dishes for less of the price, same for drinks.

                                                  Nona's in Nanuet is awesome! especially their penna vodka and their gourmet slices, we have that once a week! And we used to have Martio's but that has been replaced ever since Nonna's opened up!

                                                  I still can't find a good chinese take-out - any suggestions?

                                              3. Velo in Nyack, modern, innovative American cuisine, one of the best in the county.


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                                                  A great new place in New City is CB Kitchen Bar in New City. The people behind Cafe Barcel in Nyack, including Chef Kevin Reilly, are running this gastropub meets sports bar. They have local beer on tap from Defiant Brewing in Pearl River and are making most of the food in-house. Smoked ribs, pulled pork, chicken, cuban sandwiches, fried chicken and waffles, incredible panko onion rings with a smoked pineapple ketchup. I could go on and on.


                                                2. A new Greek place, Plaka Greek Taverna, just opened in Suffern. Their website is for a place in Randolph, NJ, but it mentions that they've moved, so I guess they'll update it to reflect the new location shortly.

                                                  My wife had been waiting for it to open ever since we saw the "coming soon" sign because there aren't any Greek restaurants in the area. We went on Monday and they had only been open a couple of days. It's a nice place, could use a bit more wall decoration, but the food was really good.

                                                  We both got the beef & lamb gyro platter, hers with salad and mine with Greek fried potatoes. They start you out with a basket of pita, olives, and a fantastic garlic bread. We split a bowl of the Avyolemono soup and it was very good, with a nice amount of chicken in it. My wife would've preferred a little more lemon flavor, but I liked it the way it was. The gyro platters were excellent. The meat was very flavorful and the tzatziki had a nice creaminess to it. We didn't have room for dessert, but the waiter brought out two, I believe they were kataifi, with the check and they were fantastic.

                                                  We're definitely going back to try a few more dishes and hopefully save room for dessert.

                                                  Plaka Restaurant
                                                  2904 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217

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                                                    Did anyone try Union... ? We like that place...

                                                    Good chinese Fortune Gardens in Nanuet...

                                                    1. re: stevec418

                                                      Union is great - I look forward to their newest addition a few blocks down.

                                                  2. My Favorites (in order):
                                                    1. Bombay Grill
                                                    2. Ivy Cafe
                                                    3. Veggie Heaven
                                                    4. Agnello's Pizza
                                                    5. Fiesta Mexican

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                                                      The reality is that I find Rockland a vast waste land of eateries. We have eaten at most of them all and would rather go to NNJ or our new favorite is X2O in Yonkers... I know BullyBoys has the same food.. we just like X2o better for atmosphere. I don't mind traveling for good food......

                                                      1. re: stevec418

                                                        Do check out Alain's French Bistro in Nyack. Have had two very nice meals with dad/stepmom (she's French), and they've gone back since. http://www.alainsbistro.com/

                                                        1. re: Nancy C

                                                          Been there it's OK.... nothing to write home about....