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Butcher in Nassau County, LI?

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Looking for a new butcher, anyone know a clean, good butcher with lots of turnover, in nassau county? Live in Forest hills, and the choices in Queens are bleak, and would like to not always have to go to the city all the time. Thanks for any help!

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  1. When I lived in Nassau county, I always had good luck at Iavarone Brothers in New Hyde Park. They were great both for everyday meat shopping and special orders. I understand they have expanded significantly since I have moved away (several more stores), and I don't know if that has affected the quality, but they are definitely worth a try.

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      I second that! I go Iavarone BROS in huntington li there are ones in maspeth , middle village , also they are opening one in wantagh not only do they have great meat they have great prepared food,imported products. go on their web site. great prepared sauces too

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        They are also in the strip mall along Union Turnpike in Lake Success.

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          That's what I meant by the New Hyde Park location. A short trip from Queens, too.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I also posted on the outer boroughs board, and mostly was told to try Iavorone and Ottomanelli to which I have been. Will try the few suggested here, and report back. I have been to the Iavorone in New Hyde Park, but their breasts are not as fresh as the places in the city I shop. They used to be better years ago, before they enlarged--at least in their butcher dept.
            Thanks for the help!!

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              D'Agostino in Flushing too. Excellent meat. I forget their address. You could probably look it up.

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          Just noticed that there is one opening up in the Cherrywood Shopping Center in Wantagh on Wantagh Ave

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            I worked in the one in Maspeth and now work in Wantagh...Been working form them for 3 years, it's a great place...

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          Iavarone's also has a store in Queens (Maspeth? Middle Village?). I forget. Check it out.

        4. Fairway in plainview long island has a great meat section. Great fish produce there ,fish, bread .What you would get in manhattan

          1. Whole Foods in Manhasset, although expensive, has excellent meat and chicken. The produce is also top quality.

            1. I used to live in Rego Park & now live in Nassau county. It's quite a trek to make to go from Forest Hills to LI for a good butcher. I would think that there would be some good ones closer to you. I know there is a Karl Ehmer on the service road of the LIE, before you get to 188th St (if you were heading east from F.H.'s). I would think there would be one closer to you than even that one...good luck.

              1. Pellegrino in Floral Park is excellent...on the pricey side, but worthwhile.

                I second the Fairway mentions.

                1. There's an excellent butcher in Bayside, Queens called Westi's. They've been in business many years and sell only prime beef.
                  Westi Meat Market, 40-21 Bell Blvd. 718-224-7753

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                    Its now called Three Brothers Butcher, owned by a chef who used to work at Mill River Inn on LI...food is great and they sell dry aged beef

                  2. Probably the best butcher I have been to is in Manhasset on Plandome Road on the corner across from Starbucks.
                    It's called A & F Market. Ask for Russell the owner.
                    He sells Prime Dry Aged beef - as good as Peter Luger's!!
                    I've been purchasing beef from him for 6 years now.
                    He has the best Filet Mignon I've ever had. His Rib Steaks and Porterhouses are also excellent.
                    He's a bit pricey but worth it.
                    Try it once and let me know what you think.
                    Good luck.

                    1. A bit pricey for my blood, Pat's Prime Meats in Malverne. Stopped in once. They had Bear and strange things like that also. I have friends who love the Kobe beef there.

                      1. whoa there, before you go over the nassau line(and i do most of the time) there are some good places in queens.
                        I go to certain places for certain cuts.
                        for my smoked/dried/cured pork products /salami/sausages nobody beats Morschers in ridgewood. on catalpa off forest ave. they also have great steakburgers and european canned goods not easily found. Prices are good too.
                        For aged prime porterhouse, I like the one on bell and 40th in bayside; but ask them to cut fresh from the fridge room in the back you can watch them through the window. i do not buy their precut steaks. i do not buy anything else there.
                        I go to Roberts on 35th off the clearview if i want a delicious Ribeye steak or roast, I also love their Stuffed Chicken Cutlets(both flavors) and their stuffed pork chops, they also usually have beautiful rib veal chops and rib lamb chops as well. Their deli is good quality too.
                        I go just over the Queens border to Iavarone Bros.in new hyde park (lake success shopping center)for my sausages, chopped meat. their lamb, pork and veal chops and cutlets are very good as well.Most of their beef is angus but they offer some aged steaks as well and also carry berkshire pork and wagyu beef and bell and evans poultry. Their weekly specials are great values in all their departments. They also have an excellent fish dept. Their seafood manager sets up a beautiful seafood case with ample offerings of the best quality. Their cheese, produce and deli also have great variety and it's all top shelf! When their chef cooks a whole stuffed pig it's nirvana central.
                        I prefer to go to iavarones because i can get everything in one place at fair prices.
                        One last word, Waldbaums has decent everyday beef steaks, chops and roasts that are choice grade; when they have a 4.99 a pound porterhouse or ribeye i stock up. if you know your meat you can save a lot and not be disappointed with the quality nor compromise your taste buds. i hope this helps.

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                          I think that the only thing that you can compare a private butcher to Waldbaums on is their price. The only meat I buy in Waldbaums is chopped meat, brisket, plank steak or skirt steak, or anything I will stew. If it comes to steaks for grilling, there is nothing like a steak from a really great butcher. There is a place called Prime Time Meat on Willis Ave about 2 blocks south of the Northern State. It will probably take you the same amount if time to get there as to Bayside. Their prices are high, but their steaks are phenomenal. There are actually 2 other places if you drive down about another mile plus. Ceriello's in Williston Park has great steaks, and their baby lamb chops a the best. There is also a place that is now called pastastore.com, or something like that, that is very good as well, on the corner of IU Willets and Willis Ave in Albertson.

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                            robin i only use waldbaums for those special sales for everyday eating. the other places i mentioned are where i buy my prime meats and my special occasion dinner needs. also i wont buy my chopped meat from waldbaumsbecause they add the premanufactured cylinders to make the different fat content. the skirts they use were coming from frozen not fresh(check the labels) although this may have changed. like i said no one eats prime everyday but the items i buy from waldbaums(4.99 a pound choice ribeye or porterhouse)ARE THE SAME CHOICE MEATS THAT YOU PAY 3 TIMES THE PRICE FOR AT THE PRIVATE BUTCHER.

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                              try fairway in Plainview,particularly when they have sales on steaks which is quite often. Prime meat at choice prices, very high turnover. Shoprite in Plainview is also pretty good. For a traditional but expensive butcher go to Primetime Meats in Woodbury.

                        2. Pellegrino Meats in Floral Park gets a second here! Use them all the time. It is on Covert Ave just North of Tulip ave.

                          1. Astoria. International Meats... Amazing Butcher. Iavorone is good to.

                            1. Suburban Prime Meats Merrick Road in Merrick