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Oct 20, 2004 11:48 AM

Woodstock NY

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anyone know some good places to eat or go to in woodstock ny???

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  1. Bear Cafe (in neighboring Bearsville) is by far the best restaurant around there. Reservations highly recommended on a Friday or Saturday night.

    If you want great country breakfasts, consider Sweet Sues in Phoenicia.

    Also fun for margaritas especially and decent Mexican is the Armadillo in Kingston in the downtown harbor section.

    1. I like Joshua's, right on Tinker Street. They use a lot of great natural and locally grown products. Emphasis on eastern European and Middle eastern dishes. I believe breakfast is served all day- they have killer omelettes! Nothing too fancy, but good home cooking.

      1. Heaven, on Tinker St., has good breakfasts but the service is teenage lackadaisical, at best. Don't go if you're in a hurry. Also, it can get very crowded.

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        1. re: neighbor

          Was there two weeks ago.
          Service great, pretty place.
          Ravioli was excellent, pizza was tasteless, ribeye steak was unbelievably tough-should have sent it back...
          Someone had a burger, which was acceptable, with good fries. The "hand cut" fresh steak-fries were a joke though, obviously frozen, blackened as requested, but still mealy mush inside.
          Deserts were skippable...
          Sometimes you just pick all the wrong things off the menu...the locals rave about this place.

          1. re: KJ Oconnor

            Which place? Heaven or The Bear?

            I like Red Onion, which is just outside of Woodstock on 212. Good food and martinis.

            1. re: KJ Oconnor

              we were at heaven on monday october 11th. Fodd was good but service left much to be desired. TThe serve yourself coffe bar was a mess. My wife wanted hot tea, but the hot water carafe was full of coffee grounds. Mzybe just columbus day weakend problems

              1. re: playman

                The Bear Cafe in Bearsville, right thru main street Woodstock is really great.

                1. re: playman

                  This place really needs to rethink it's set up. It's a decent place to stop off for a bite but the self serve drinks combined with the poor service make it a bit of a drag.

                  1. re: agirlandamonkey

                    I TOTALLY's so narrow, I always feel like I'm dragging my ass across the table of my neighbor as I walk through. And self-serve beverages are a TOTAL drag.

            2. Joshuas on Tinker St.

              Great lunch/breakfast place. Excellent salads, home made soups and other American-Mideast specialties. The fresh squeezed carrot juice is a real upper. Good wine.