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Sushi around Farmingdale

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Has anyone eaten at HOSHI in Bethpage? Is it good?

My girlfriend and I just moved to farmingdale and I'm just trying to find new places around by us. We're close enough to go to Shiki and Kotobuki in Babylon, but I was looking for something closer and less expensive. We've also been to Tai Show West and Otaki (i think is the name) in Wantagh.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for Sushi in the area (or other types of food as well)?


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  1. Hoshi is good - i go when I am in the area. I also like Yuki's Palatte in Westbury and Saporro in Wantagh.

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      Lawn Guyland J

      Where is Sapporo?

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        merrick road near wantagh parkway exit/entrance. It's my favorite - I'm going tonight.

        1. re: johnjohn
          Lawn Guyland J.

          Actually I think I have been there. It was good!

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            I second Yuki's Palette in Westbury. It's not quite around the corner from Farmingdale, but I think you'll find it comparable to Kotobuki. Not only do they have great sushi, but the service is excellent and very friendly.

            As far as other good restaurants in the Farmingdale area go, I recommend the following:

            Melanie's a bistro on Main Street,

            Tiny Thai - also on Main Street. NB it's BYOB,

            Jai Ya - Another great Thai place, this one in Hicksville,

            Saffron - Good Indian food in Hicksville,

            The Orient - Great Dim Sum weekend afternoons, in Bethpage,

            Spare Rib - Great ribs (DUH!) in Hicksville,

            Big Daddy's - Awesome Cajun and kick a$$ drinks, in Massapequa.

            That should keep you busy for a while!


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              i grew up in westbury and my sister goes to yuki's and has tried to take me there on a number of occasions. always closed when we try. i think we usually try on sundays so maybe that's the problem.

              still want to try it.

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                I believe that they are open for dinner every day except Monday and for lunch Tuesday through Friday.

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        We eat at Yuki's because its close and good. But when we want really good sushi, we'll drive for Hoshi in BP.

        Service at Yukis is generally grumpy chinese people. Hoshi's service is Japanese and more polite.

        They have always brought us edamammi for an appetiser and fruit plate after the meal.

        I work for a Japanese company and eat at many places in the city with our ex pats. Hoshi comes the closest on LI. Looking to try Shiro in Carle Place - more of a full restaurant than just sushi.

        1. re: Gary

          BP... Blue Point? Bellport? Bayport? Bethpage?

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            Unfortunately, Hoshi is no longer Hoshi. They changed the name and I'm not sure if it's a new owner. Looks like an attempt at fusion. Too bad.

            We've been going to a place on Carman in East Meadow, that's in the same shopping center as Venere. Wish I could remember the name, but they do a good job. Plus, I have walked in there one night and the place was packed with Japanese folk, which I consider a very good endorsement.

            1. re: Hicksville

              just to clarify, the Venere shopping center on Carman is in Westbury in case someone is trying to find it.

      3. We just ate tonight at Sapporo on Merrick Road in Wantagh. It was delicious -- some of the best, freshest sushi I've had. And the ambience was nice -- we ate late and were treated to some impromptu singing by a Japanese lady sitting at the sushi bar. The restaurant is clean and attractive, the servers are friendly and the food was delicious. They have been there 21 years and still getting great reviews so they must be doing something right.

        1. For sushi, my absolute favorite is Minami in Massapequa, on Central Avenue (between Broadway and Hicksville Roads) a block north of the LIRR. I've been to Sapporo more than a few times, but Minami is, I thnk, better. An added note: a few years ago, a NY Times review noted that the two best Japanese meals the reviewer has had on LI were both at Minami.

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          1. re: Scott_R

            As a kotobuki regular, I have to give a thumbs down to Minami, sorry!
            There really aren't any Sushi places on LI that even come close to Kotobuki. That's why you have to wait so long to get into the place! When I don't have the patience for Kotobuki's lines, Koban in Merrick (on Merrick Rd.) can be pretty good.

            1. re: kelvin8r

              I see long lines at McDonald's, too; argumentum ad populum is a logical fallacy.

              I'll have to check the place out, see what all the fuss is.

              1. re: Scott_R

                When it comes to food, I follow the crowd. An empty restaurant is generally a nono.

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                  Personally, I avoid the crowds. The crowded places tend to be the mediocre ones: places that simply pile a lot of food on the plate, or that have some gimmick. Each time I pass Famous Dave's, it's crowded--but the BBQ is pretty bad. I like finding the gems that are in bad locations--well, unless they close as a result of that location, that is--and have had my best meals in such places.

                  1. re: Scott_R

                    Empty sushi restaurant = 2 day old fish.

                    --Ancient Japanese Proverb.

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                      As with a busy sushi restaurant, the owners must know how much fish to buy/prep in anticipation of the day's sale. Any place that's been in business for more than a few weeks has a good idea how much they'll need. A busy place can over-prepare just as badly as a slow place.

          2. Lotus Garden - Main St. in Farmingdale Village - not far from the train station and about a mile or so from Hempstead Tpke.

            1. Is this place still open? (Hoshi) I could have sworn there was a different place in the location the last time I drove by (about 2 weeks ago) An asian place, but not Hoshi. Could it have changed hands?

              1. Well, I tried Kotobuki for lunch. Actually, went there Monday only to find that was the ONLY day they were closed. :( But I returned today, Tuesday.
                First came the miso soup, apparently made with white miso. Pretty good, though I prefer the slightly darker miso they use at Minami.
                Next the salad. The lettuce was fresh, the dressing just OK; advantage: Minami, which has a lighter, snappier dressing.
                The sushi: tasted fresh, but seemed like it had been frozen/thawed several times, as it was somewhat mushy. By way of experiment, I pressed down on a piece of salmon and it squashed like a very overcooked carrot. Hmm. I definitely preferred Minami, where the sush is just as fresh but firmer without being chewy.

                But I'll give the place another try; I don't like to set a positon on a single experience.

                Are there different lunch and dinner menu? I didn't noticed that mine was marked either way.

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                1. re: Scott_R

                  I agree with Scott R. I went to Kotobuki once and would rate the food as poor. No return is planned.

                2. Kotobuki has a location on 347 in Hauppague as well..Friends of mine swear by the place. I swear since they remodeled and rated by Zagats the place is over crowded and overpriced.There is a great sushi location in Commack. It is called Nissen and is located next to Trader Joe's in the strip mall on the corner of Larkfiled and Jericho Tpke..at most 15 min from Farmingdale.

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                  1. re: lukeydog

                    I went to the one in Babylon. Again, under-impressed, but I'll try it again--this time, for dinner rather than lunch.

                    1. re: Scott_R

                      Glad to see you haven't given up on Kotobuki, even after 2 strikes! Even tho I'm a KotoB fan I have to admit, they ain't perfect! I've endured a few flops there.
                      The trick is to stick with dinner-forget about lunch. You have to endure the line-go when it's crazy-busy and the place is jumping. Like Friday, Saturday night.
                      Also, what you order depends upon where you sit. If you're stuck at a table, then get the sushi special for 1 or 2-it'll rock your world.
                      If you're lucky enough to score a seat at the sushi bar, get the hand-roll special. Six beauties doled out one by one (request them that way, or else it may or may not occur) with the hot eel saved for last. The super-fresh nori crunch is a revelation.
                      Don't know if you're a saki swiller like me, but they've got Ozeki dry for $6-a totally fair price.

                      And BTW, had Chirashi sushi at Minami Thursday night and am man enough to admit it was as good, if not better than KotoB's. Plus the Ozeki was only $5.95-a considerable savings!
                      But boy was that place dead, w/only 2 other occupied tables during our 2hr. stay! Ouch! Maybe it was too cold out to swallow cold fish...more like a steakhouse night for all the warm-blooded carnivores.

                  2. On the lunch menu, there were only three sushi dishes (not counting individual pieces): sushi, sashimi, and chirashi. Same on the dinner menu? I didn't get a chance tos ee it.

                    I do like going through a variety of combinations (Minami has a dozen or so for dinner, and a bunch on the lunch menu). One of the people I go out for sushi with always gets the tuna and salmon don at Minami--nigiri-style slices of tuna and salmon on a dome of rice. Anything similar at Kotobuki? They won't get anything else.

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                    1. re: Scott_R

                      I'm not 100% up to speed with everything on the menu, but they will make pretty much whatever you want. My sushi-mate likes the tuna crudo, but only w/red tuna, not the white type on the menu-so they alter it to her taste regularly with only a hint of annoyance.
                      Another good appeteazer is the sliced octopus-better at K's then Minami, freshher, lighter, snappier-and a bit more generous for the $.

                    2. Farmingdale and the surrounding areas is surprisingly great for food...
                      Sushi?? okay, I like 2 places owned by the same guy
                      Kohaku on 110 above Jericho tpke - my fav.
                      and his other one is Robata on OCR east of manetto hill rd.
                      BUT, I only like it when Ken, the owner/head chef, is in.

                      heres a list of my places in the area

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                      1. re: Jeffsayyes

                        Yokohama!!! just west of nisan on jericho tpk. above and beyond kotobuki w/o the whole "ritual" of name on the list wait. i am a former babylonian and this place is great. fresh sushi, beautiful presentaion, great staff etc.

                        1. re: Jeffsayyes

                          the best sushi in nassau is at izumi in bethpage (wantagh ave)