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Oct 13, 2004 04:00 PM

Ruby's Oyster Bar & Bistro - Rye, NY

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Anyone been here? Any recommendations?

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  1. To be honest I've only been there once. It was enough. Very noisy, can't even speak to you tablemates. Was given half a glass of white wine and when I questioned, was told that was the "pour". Food unremarkable and pricey.

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    1. re: Doreen

      Went to Ruby's last night and honestly had one of the best nights of my life. Treated like royalty, the food was fabulous and the vibe was fantastic, lively and joyfilled - seemed as though everyone was having as much as we were. Can't wait to make this place my new favorite haunt! Cheers to Scott and Lisa! Thank You!!

    2. I have been there twice and have really liked it both times. The first time I went I had the filet mignon and the second time I had the halibut special. Both were great, yes it gets loud, but I didn't find it hard to talk to my party. I am actually going there for brunch this weekend.

      1. Little pricy but all in all a great place with beautiful decor.

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          Try the burger and fries...plain food made wonderfully well. They also have good salads and omelets for lunch. I never had anything I didn't like here.

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            Been to Ruby's twice. Had the burger both times. Here's the deal $13 for a burger with melted crumbled blue cheese on an english muffin. Comes with fries and a mayo-like dipping sauce, ketchup, and sort of a red wine au-jus sauce.

            Burger is REALLY good. Worth all $13. It's probably top 5-10 burgers I've ever had.

            The only down side of this place is that the staff is pretty apathetic. The one time I sat in the restaurant area, the waiter knew next to nothing aboout the menu. Then the time i sat at the bar, the bartender wasn't what I would call welcoming. All in all, this place is worth a trip for really good food in a cool setting. Get a burger and beer, maybe some oysters... and enjoy!!