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Oct 11, 2004 02:56 PM

cute inn with amazing food

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looking for an adorable inn that serves amazing food for dinner. Along the lines of the Inn at Little Washington or the White Barn Inn, but with less expensive rooms (could pay $200/night for two people but not $400/night). Food is most important but would like a cozy place, fireplace, yummy breakfast too. Any nice location would do...although a chance to see autumn colors would be perfect.

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  1. Is Ludlow, VT, too far to go? (It's about 4 hours north of NYC.) If not, I'd recommend The Governor's Inn. I haven't been there for a couple of years, but it was a lovely and comfortable Victorian with maybe 7 or 8 guestrooms and a fabulous kitchen.


    1. For a cute inn witha great breakfast I would recommend The Gables in Rhinebeck NY (google them, they have a website). They do not serve dinner but the inn is within walking distance of town (one block), and they have a few great restaurants. We had a fabulous dinner at 40 West and another nice meal at Terrapin. If you want an after dinner drink the Beekman Arms has a nice pub.

      1. Check out the Rabbit Hill Inn in northern VT. We have been there several times, have successfully recommended it to a number of others, and it is our absolute favorite place to be. The rooms are certainly pricy- the suites are beyind what you indicated you are looking for- but I believe the rooms are more reasonable. AND- breakfast and dinner are included in the room rate. Believe me you will not need lunch.

        The Inn has lots of public areas which are very inviting and comfortable. It's in a tiny village with great scenic drives, hikes, and lots of other activities (including shopping) close enough to be convenient.

        And the food- superb. Really. We have never had an "average" meal there. The web site has the menu posted. Have fun!


        1. We too, were looking for a less expensvie alternative to The Inn at Little Washignton, and we discovered L'auberge Provencale in White Post Virginia. The food is just wonderful --dinners and breakfasts. Once you have the creme brule you won't be able to order it anyplace else. We've been back a dozen times and made many recommendations. Check out the website for the menu. We've tried inns around the country, and we keep on returning here - primarily for the food, although it's very pretty as well.


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            Jonathan Gross

            I've also eaten and stayed at L'auberge Provencal - it was really wonderful. Great rooms and incredible food.

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              Hi Angie,

              My bofriend and I are thingking about going down this weekend to try it out. Any recommendations of wineries etc. to stop at on the way (from DC)?