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Oct 10, 2004 09:42 AM

Cuban sandwich in or near Monmouth county NJ?

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My favorite place for Cubano's - the Bolero Cafe in Highlands has closed. Any sugestions for Cuban sandwiches in Mounmouth County - or anywhere in New Jersey?

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  1. Bistro Ole, in Asbury Park, lists a Cuban sandwich on their lunch menu. I haven't eaten there, but reports I've heard say that all the food is excellent.


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      Haven't tried the Cuban sandwich, but have been there for dinner. I would say that the food is Pretty Good, though, rather than excellent. Cramped tables (lots of waiter's fannies scraping by) and punishing acoustics; I think I would prefer going there again for lunch rather than for dinner. It is not inexpensive.

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        Deb, Have you been to Diaz, in Avon-by-the-Sea? It's a small, not much in the way of frills, place serving very nicely prepared and tasty Dominican, Spanish etc., food at very reasonable prices. The husband and wife take turns doing the cooking, and their kids do the service chores. The night we were there, Senora was at the stove, while Senor was circulating in the dining area -- an extremely charming host!


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          No, hadn't heard of it, but on your rec will give it a try in the near future. And thanks!

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            Thanks for your recomendations - I'll give it a try!!!

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        Not far from the northwest corner of Monmouth County is Mom's Peppermill Diner in Hightstown/East Windsor on Rt. 33 and Exit 8 of the NJ Tpk- which specializes in Cuban sandwiches.

      3. Just had a killer cuban sandwich right on the boardwalk in Asbury Park while watching fireworks on the fourth. Dont know the name of the place but it's right next to the psychic shop. Also, amazing!!cuban mexican fusion if you're in downtown freehold at El Familiar.

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