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Oct 1, 2004 07:53 PM

New Paltz area update

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The Village Tearoom is up and running... For lunch, tried the complex red lentil carrot soup, creamy tarragon chicken salad with roasted sweet potatoes in cilantro vinegrette and some especially delicious braised green beans with smothered onions in a tomato sauce. Modest lunch menu, everything very fresh, smartly prepared and presented with distinct flavors. But the real find here is the dessert case. Fabulous cakes -- coconut raspberry layer cake, chocolate buttermilk cake, lemon lavender pound cake.... Scones with that sublime raspberry jam... Full menu of teas, great coffee... Friendly efficient staff... Tranquil, welcoming environs, lovely tree-shaded deck/patio... Anyone tried the fixed-price dinner here yet?

The Locust Tree on Hugenot St is now open under new ownership with a French rather than Italian-influenced menu. Field report to follow soon. Nice ambitious couple running the show.

Can anyone give me a reason to revisit our local Thai and Indian restaurants? I really want to love these places. Visted both a couple of times shortly after they opened and, well, like mama told me, "if ya don't have nuthin nice to say..."

Rumor: a friend tells me that Mariner's On The Hudson in Highland is under new management and is offering a free tasting menu to anyone who asks. You must call for reservations and ask for the Thursday 7 pm seating or the Sunday 12 noon seating. She went and said you're presented with about seven small portions of tuna, salmon, mahi-mahi, etc., which were all fresh and delicious.

Also over in the Village of Highland -- The Highland Cafe is a great fix for breakfast or blue plate lunch if you've got your sights set on a day of apple picking on one of the many orchards east of New Paltz.

Finally, a quote via the New Paltz Times from the owner of "Machos" a new pizza/fast food joint set to open Oct 10th: "Everyone is taste-conscious, but most people are also health-conscious these days. That is why we don't skimp on anything. We provide all-beef hot dogs, fresh cheese and the largest taco shells available..."

So come to New Paltz, folks. Home of Historic Hugenot Street, Mohonk Mountain House, The Gunks... and, now, the largest taco shells available to mankind.


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  1. Apparently I'm in the minority (please, hang on to your rotten tomatoes!)... I've only had one experience with Lemongrass Thai in New Paltz and I enjoyed the food quite a bit. Granted, my husband and I had just hiked in Minnewaska and ordered take-out (therefore no service involved), but nevertheless the food was pretty good. Maybe we were just hungry after a busy day, but believe me, I wouldn't say what I said if the food was awful.

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      Thank you Andrea for your reply about the Thai place, Lemongrass. Do you recall a standout dish? My problem with Lemongrass, when I visited a couple of times shortly after the place opened, is that, well, there wasn't any actual lemongrass, thai basil, coconut milk or other standard Thai-American ingredients to be found in the food. No satay on the menu. Most of the dishes were comparable to storefront Chinese stirfries featuring crinklecut frozen veggies and indistinct ketchupy sauces. That was a while ago but I've heard nothing to persuade me back since. Dissenting opinions, recommended dishes, very welcome.

      1. re: markp

        Well, I can't remember exactly what we ate since it was last summer (over a year ago now). I can probably be safe in assuming one of us ordered Pad Thai. Now, I'm in no way a connoiseur of Thai cuisine, so I don't know how authentic their food is at Lemongrass. Maybe I'm just easy to please... not that you're not! Anyone else willing to give a more recent and/or "expert" opinion?

        1. re: Andrea
          John ( Thai )

          I ate a few times as i went in NY. Food is so great !!as authentic Thai-dishes . Excepts !! fishsauce and hot pepper that authentic Thai-dishes have to have more.

    2. thai coffee is great. the portions are a bit small,but tasty. the sushi place next door tokoyo is great!!

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