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Sep 16, 2004 11:47 AM

Best Chinese on Long Island????

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Recently moved from San Fran to LI (Garden City) and
miss my three fav SF chinese badly.....most chinese
on the island seem to be of the take/out sort or
at least the food tastes that way.

Looking for anyplace (worth the travel) where
i can enjoy the best....if nothing else, where
the hot n sour soup is spicy and the broth
thick (always my first test in any chinese estab.)


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  1. Your best bet for good Chinese food would be to travel to Flushing. I'm sure other posters can recommend some restaurants there for you. Flushing is the "Chinatown" for Queens & pretty much all of NY. Rivals Manhattan's Chinatown.

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    1. re: synergy

      Precious-E. Northport

      1. re: chazgee

        For Chinese food, sadly enough, the best is the buffet, East, in Huntington Station. If you don't like buffets, go west to Flushing.

        1. re: Bud

          Be careful of East West- my son had company crawling up his chair. We had to argue to get a refund, since we lost out appetite. We just started eating when this happened.

          1. re: Eileen

            And where exactly is this restaurant?

            1. re: Bud

              near the Walt whitman Mall on 110

              1. re: Eileen Perry

                The name of the restaurant is East,not East West. It is definitely the very best Chinese buffet on LI. I have not ever seen anything crawling up any leg in the many times I have been there. There are a multitude of Chinese dishes served ranging from Peking duck to dim sum, all of which are good. My only criticism of the place is that it is an abundance of riches and I always overstuff myself there so I limit my visits to teice a year.

                1. re: Bud

                  I have fond memories of the the Five Town's Kosher Chinese establisment which was way ahead of its times back in the early 70's " LUCK-SHUN".

              2. re: Bud

                near the Walt whitman Mall on 110

      2. You may want to check out Hunam in Levittown.

        Also see link below for more ideas of "best" places.


        1. I don't know the BEST, I'm not much of a Chinese food lover. But, don't bother w/ the Orchid in G.C., it's totally overpriced and not any better than a strip mall Chinese take out place.

          We do go occasionally to Palace of Wong (or is it House of Wong, I can never remember...) in RVC, on Sunrise Hwy. It's quite good. As I said I can't vouch for the best. But, this place is certainly above average. And it's a cute little throwback to the 50's...i.e., checks say "air conditioned", gives phone number as RV3...., the sign outside still advertises "cocktails" and the waiters all seem to be about 100!

          1. lotus on frankin ave garden city great chinese,eng's merrick rd bellmore,fortune wheel levitown hempstead turnpike one of the best on the island

            1. For authenticity and quality, The Orient in Bethpage is tops. There's also Fortune Wheel in Levittown. Garden Court in Huntington is in that category, too, if a bit on the upscale side.