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Best Chinese on Long Island????

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Recently moved from San Fran to LI (Garden City) and
miss my three fav SF chinese badly.....most chinese
on the island seem to be of the take/out sort or
at least the food tastes that way.

Looking for anyplace (worth the travel) where
i can enjoy the best....if nothing else, where
the hot n sour soup is spicy and the broth
thick (always my first test in any chinese estab.)


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  1. Your best bet for good Chinese food would be to travel to Flushing. I'm sure other posters can recommend some restaurants there for you. Flushing is the "Chinatown" for Queens & pretty much all of NY. Rivals Manhattan's Chinatown.

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      Precious-E. Northport

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        For Chinese food, sadly enough, the best is the buffet, East, in Huntington Station. If you don't like buffets, go west to Flushing.

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          Be careful of East West- my son had company crawling up his chair. We had to argue to get a refund, since we lost out appetite. We just started eating when this happened.

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            And where exactly is this restaurant?

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              near the Walt whitman Mall on 110

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                The name of the restaurant is East,not East West. It is definitely the very best Chinese buffet on LI. I have not ever seen anything crawling up any leg in the many times I have been there. There are a multitude of Chinese dishes served ranging from Peking duck to dim sum, all of which are good. My only criticism of the place is that it is an abundance of riches and I always overstuff myself there so I limit my visits to teice a year.

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                  I have fond memories of the the Five Town's Kosher Chinese establisment which was way ahead of its times back in the early 70's " LUCK-SHUN".

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                near the Walt whitman Mall on 110

      2. You may want to check out Hunam in Levittown.


        Also see link below for more ideas of "best" places.

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

        1. I don't know the BEST, I'm not much of a Chinese food lover. But, don't bother w/ the Orchid in G.C., it's totally overpriced and not any better than a strip mall Chinese take out place.

          We do go occasionally to Palace of Wong (or is it House of Wong, I can never remember...) in RVC, on Sunrise Hwy. It's quite good. As I said I can't vouch for the best. But, this place is certainly above average. And it's a cute little throwback to the 50's...i.e., checks say "air conditioned", gives phone number as RV3...., the sign outside still advertises "cocktails" and the waiters all seem to be about 100!

          1. lotus on frankin ave garden city great chinese,eng's merrick rd bellmore,fortune wheel levitown hempstead turnpike one of the best on the island

            1. For authenticity and quality, The Orient in Bethpage is tops. There's also Fortune Wheel in Levittown. Garden Court in Huntington is in that category, too, if a bit on the upscale side.

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                Josh Mittleman

                Hong King Seafood House, 515 Old Country Rod in Plainview, near S. Oyster Bay Rd. I've never had a bad dish there, and the dim sum is excellent.

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                  Without a doubt Hong Kong Seafood House is the best of the three authentic Chinese restaurants on the island. Ate there Sunday. Had Conch with Vegetables ,Special Lobster with Ginger and Scallions and Peking Duck. To my surprise they compared very well to the better Cantonese restaurants in Flushing where we have been going to for years. They treated us very well and did not rush us even though they were quite busy. Now if we can find a similar Shanghai style restaurant out here in the sticks it would be a real miracle but one must always live in hope.

                2. We like Fortune Wheel- but ask what is fresh and can be made up for you. Much better than the menu selections.

                  1. Welcome to the Island. I dont like Sweet & Sour soup so I wouldnt know what is good or bad. I would steer you to Sui's Szechuan in Long Beach but that is far. Jani's is good, there are a few locations, one in Mineola. It is Japanese/Chinese/Asian. My son is a sushi freak so we usually get that and its probably the best Ive had. I can only speak for the one in Rockville Centre. We have had a few chinese dishes that are good, and you can give the Udon noodles a try. I know when that when RVC first opened it was a buffet but we only get delivery, dont know if it still is, or the one in Mineola. Enjoy

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                      There's also a Jani's on Hempstead Tpke. in Franklin Sq. And the Chinese there is pretty good.

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                        And a Jani's in Hicksville (on 106/107) near the Hicksville Mall...AND one on Rt. 110, between the LIE & Jericho Tpke.

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                          And a Jani's in Hicksville (on 106/107) near the Hicksville Mall...AND one on Rt. 110, between the LIE & Jericho Tpke.

                      2. Does anyone remember Homers, there were a few of them in the Syosset/Woodbury area around 15 years ago. I remember the pink building on Jericho Turnpike in Syosset, they had a duck with young ginger dish that I thought was incredible.

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                          I remember Homer's well. They were all over the place, the original Woodbury that opened late 70's, then another in Woodbury caller Mo-er of Homers, Syosset, Massapequa Park, Cedarhurst, even a franchise operation in Centereach, maybe a half dozen all together. I remember eating at the original Woodbury place and it was great. I believe things slipped a little with the expansions, when the best food was to be found at whatever was the latest opening at the time. When it was good it was some of the best chinese on LI, with excellent reviews in NY Times.
                          A classic I don't forget: We were having lunch at the Syosset place you mention and a roach crawled across the tablecloth. The waiter calmly inverted a teacup over the insect and whisked it off the table into a napkin without a word.
                          I think in the early 90's the LI economy went bad and Homer Lee's companies filed for bankruptcy; soon they were all gone. A few years later he managed the reopened Massapequa Park location with people from NYC's Empire Szechuan chain, where he had become a consultant and principal.

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                            Wow, I didn't think anyone remembered Homer's. What great food, my dad would drive us to Woodbury on Friday nights for Chinese food when I was a kid.

                            I agree the food wasn't the same after expansion.

                        2. My vote goes to Imperial Wok in Hicksville.

                          REAL food. We have NEVER felt the NEED to ask what is FRESH!! Why would I go somewhere that would serve NOT fresh things if I didn't ask. Seems like an ethical problem.

                          WE MAKE SPECIAL WON_TON SOUP FOR U!!!!

                          If you are looking for things like Sesame Chicken, look elsewhere. It's not fast food.

                          The decor is a little tired. And don't order the sushi.

                          But their chinese food is great. House special pork. Shredded duck. Crystal dumplings. Crab and corn soup. All favorites.

                          1. I second the poster who told you to stay away from The Orchid on Franklin Ave. I work in GC and have been there for lunch. Once. It was all I needed. It's some of the worst Chinese I've ever had.

                            Also the East buffet on 110 is definitely not worth the trip. Nothing special there and not the cleanest. People looking for quantity as oppsed to quality.

                            I also recommend making the trip to Flushing. There are so many Chinese restaurants to choose from. Also a fantastic Korean one who's name escapes me right now. I think this is the closest you'll find to S.F. restaurants. I was just there and am already missing the Dim Sum.

                            If you're set on the island you might want to try Morgo's in Plainview. 1163 Old Country Rd. The entrees are better than the apps though.

                            1. I'm surprised I didn't see anyone mentioning Chinatown area in Queens. Not more than 30 minute ride from Garden City, and streets are lined with authentic chinese eateries. Some have dim sum during weekday lunch time.

                              Any place that has scores of Asians eating inside is a good bet.


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                                I'm surprised that you're surprised that no one has mentioned Queens. Since when is Queens considered Long Island?

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                                  Don't think you were too nice to this poster who was just trying to offer Flushing as an alternative, and a good one at that...a little history which certainly does show that Queens and long island were the same at one point, and the map certainly bears it out as well.

                                  To the orig poster: I go to Spicy and Tasty all the time in Flushing, and if you are used to really authentic szechuan, I think you would appreciate this place. I live in Queens and travel to Long Island to eat, and don't think twice about it, so going from Long Island to Queens should be the same, and the poster said they were willing to drive a distance without going all the way to Manhattan. The chinese food that I have had in Long Island I have found to be more suburban americanized stuff, that is why a place like PF Chang is packed every night, because alot of people do not want authentic they want sweetened up stuff...there is also a pretty good place in Forest Hills that I mentioned recently called Golden Sea that serves chinatown style, it's on Queens Blvd, and this would be closer than flushing, and right off the highway.

                                  Here's a little queens history for you long islander's!

                                  Brief History of Queens

                                  One of the ten original counties of New York, Queens County was created November 1, 1683. At that time it was three times its present size and included all of Nassau and extended to Suffolk.

                                  This territory - part of New Netherland - was originally governed by the Dutch, who permitted English as well as Dutch colonists to settle and form towns (townships). Under this plan, Newtown (1st and 2nd Wards) was organized in 1642, Flushing (3rd Ward) in 1645, Jamaica (4th Ward) in 1656, Far Rockaway (5th Ward), then part of Hempstead, in 1644.

                                  These colonists - for the most part Englishmen - found themselves again under English rule when Peter Stuyvesant surrendered in 1664 to an English force acting for the Duke of York.

                                  The colony turned to English ways when Long Island, Westchester and Staten Island were formed into the county of Yorkshire. But Yorkshire passed out of existence in 1683 when the entire province was divided into counties. Long Island contained three of the original counties: Queens including the present Nassau, Kings and Suffolk.

                                  Named for English Queen, Catherine of Braganza, Queens and its people were divided against each other during the Revolutionary War - Whig against Tory. When the English captured Long Island in 1776, many patriots were forced to flee from the island to avoid capture. After the war, Queens residents resumed peaceful activities.

                                  Queens - with its 118 square miles of land area - became one of the five boroughs incorporated in the City of New York on January 1, 1898.

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                                    Ok - If we are talking about going for dim sum in 1683, but we are not. Get with the program...

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                                      I guess "worth the travel" to you, as the poster requested, doesn't mean Queens, huh? Don't worry, honey, I don't need to be part of "your" program, I live in Queens the underground capital of cool, so stay on your side of the nassau county line if that rocks your boat.

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                                        HAHA go jackie. If you people can't stand criticism, or rather the TRUTH, i suggest you go cry off in your corners instead of trying to bring up historical "evidence", which i might add, is aptly irrelevent to the discussion. Queens is NOT part of Long Island.

                                  2. re: jackie

                                    "I'm surprised that you're surprised that no one has mentioned Queens. Since when is Queens considered Long Island?"

                                    Jackie, look at a map. Brooklyn & Queens are both part of LONG ISLAND, as is Nassau and Suffolk. Furthermore, your snotty sounding answer was not appreciated.

                                    From where I live on Long Island, Flushing is about a 20 - 25 min. drive and the best place to get really authentic good chinese cuisine. From Garden City, where the original poster currently resides, it would be about 30 min.

                                    I used to drive into Manhattan's Chinatown for great Chinese food. I'm thrilled that Flushing has developed a very substantial Chinatown too. Saves a little on the driving, and parking is much easier.


                                2. The Orient in Bethpage..the hands down winner! It's more like a diner for Asian folks. Who needs Chinatown, Flushing or anywhere else. Again, The Orient on Hicksville Road (Rt 107) in Bethpage. Also nearby in Hicksville, Imperial Garden. And how about Lotus Flower on Conklin St (Rt 24) in Farmingdale. To you people who think East is good, I guess you don't get out much. A buffet is the best you can find? Please!

                                    1. There is a Shanghai Pavillion in Port Washington.
                                      46 Main St.
                                      Port Washington, NY 11050-2919

                                      1. In Queens it has been re-named Flu-shing chowMain street.

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                                          i dont get the rave about the oreint, i have had good dinner there but dim sum i couldnt even finish,

                                          fortune wheel is great for dim sum, go in there on the weekends the line is out the door