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Aug 20, 2004 09:19 PM

Deising's in Kingston

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I was wandering around Kingston the other day, on remembering the name from here decided to check out Deising's. On the recommendation from the Caviar lady (The Gourmet Food place on 28) got ourselves Napolians. Blech, one bite and that was that. I would like to bring some from the city let alone LI for them to try to duplicate. Being home and looking it up, the food isnt that good either? Is this the best Kingston has to offer?

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  1. I really like the food--great homemade soups and sandwiches. Never tried the Napoleons, but I like their cakes, elephant ears, butter cookies etc.

    As far as you bringing some Napoleons back from Long Island for them to try and duplicate--they'll celebrate their 40th year in business in 2005, so I don't think that's necessary.

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    1. re: Betsy

      When in Rome..... as for me, I will stay away, thanks. Ive never ventured into Kingston but have had many pleasant dining experiences in the Catskills. This one just isnt for me.

    2. Actually, Kingston is not the place you should be looking to duplicate your NYC experience. As a small town, perhaps its best attribute is that it is near to the thruway exit.

      Despite its small size, there are several very nice places to eat, fueled by the number of CIA graduates who have chosen to stay in the area.

      There are plenty of other places to go... why don't you pick another one?


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      1. re: George B

        Kingston is not a small town by local standards, it's a city. It also has a long illustrious history, great architecture and some pretty good places to eat. Anyone interested in American history and architecture would be fascinated by the stockade district.

        As for good restaurants, I would be a regular at La Canard Enchaine if I lived a little closer--alas I have to travel 35 miles to get to the big city of Kingston. So I've been there about once a month this year and am working my way through the menu (great mussels!) but the specials are darned distracting.

        Also, I don't think there's a very strong ex-CIA presence in Kingston. Moreso across the river in Red Hook and Rhinebeck, and even up in Saugerties, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

        There are many recs on this board for Kingston restaurants, including a tiny Mexican place on Broadway, Armadillo near the Rondout, and Hickory BBQ. I personally do not like Downtown Cafe or the wood-burning oven pizza that others seem to like.

        I don't know of a good bakery, though, and I've not been to Deisings. If you're travelling around the area, Calico over in Rhinebeck is a wonderful small pattiserie that also does a fine dinner.

        1. re: lucia

          Thank you for your recommendations. I have eaten at Hickory and it was very good. Problem is Im usually just passing through, getting off at Kingston and travelling towards Margaretville, and then reverse. I have found all the restaurants in Phoenicia to be excellent as well as Cafe on Main in Margaretville and The Inn Between. I have eaten at all the restaurants in Tannersville and Last Chance Cheese is my favorite but dont get up there too often. For a change now, I will stop at Kingston more often, thanks again. Its all a matter of personal choices, as in Pizza Hut vs individual shops

        2. re: George B

          Small town?! Uh, okay. Thanks, Lucia, for setting the record straight in a much more diplomatic fashion than I would have.

          If you're traveling towards Margaretville, surely you've stopped at Bread Alone in Boiceville? They have wonderful breads, cookies, pies and cakes. I don't remember seeing any Napoleons there, though.

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          Tivoli Bread & Baking Company in Tivoli is excellent.
          While you will not find a napoleon there, you will find the most amazing hand crafted (yes i did say hand crafted) croissants. get there early if you want to sample one of these babies. He only makes a limited amount and needless to say they fly outta there. They are also in the Rhinebeck Farmers' Market on Sundays (but unfortunately the croissnts never make in to the market)

          1. Keep in mind that you are NOT in the city and that Deising's is a German bakery. This is a good bakery, not a knockout bakery. The cafe is a place to take your Oma after church. I understand there's a good artisanal bread baker in the Rondout, but I haven't sampled his/her products. And there are some very good restaurants, already mentioned, in Kingston.

            Yes, Tivoli Bakery is wonderful...and very pricey. If you want "city" food, and there's nothing wrong with that, go to Rhinebeck.

            1. Just to set the record straight: I had seen some recomendations on Deisings here, which is why I stopped there. Was not hungry, so did not need to eat. The reviews were not that good, but I couldnt exactly remember at the moment that I was standing in the store. True, German is different as Italian is different. I usually cant stand Italian cakes. I am upstate at least once a month or more. Usually get off the Thruway at 19 and depending on time and mood may or may not stop for a bite, strictly on Route 28 going west. Going home lately I have been stopping on the way rather than on the fast-food highway. I really dont mind buying the bakery items at the IGA in Boiceville, Im really not that picky, just saying those Napoleans were really not to MY liking. I think I mentioned once before that the Flour Patch in Margaretville has awesome Raspberry Turnovers, which I have never seen elsewhere. Any recommendations along Route 28 from Kingston through Margaretville would be helpful, thanks

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              1. re: ValL

                Don't know if you saw my suggestions below...Bread Alone in Boiceville has great sandwiches and breads, pies, cookies and cakes. It's right on 28 just past Fabulous Furniture (with the car sculptures).

                1. re: Betsy

                  THAT place, lol, Thanks! I tried to yahoo it and thought it was a bit of a drive! I did try PineView and it was good also, now another place on my stop list,great!

                  1. re: ValL

                    They have stores in Woodstock, Kingston and Rhinebeck as well.

                2. re: ValL

                  I was just at Deisings over the weekend. For my tatse, it was just an average commecial bakery. I am mistified by all the hoopla that is made about it being such a great bakery.

                  1. re: scottso

                    Yeah, its nothing special by any stretch.
                    Although, I love those Mini Bagels....

                    1. re: JRM

                      If you want an EXCELLENT bagel in Kingston, NY...go to Sunrise Bagels on Albany prepared probably has enough calories in it for a whole day...especially if you have Ham, Egg, and Cheese on it...THEY ARE YUMMY!!!