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Aug 19, 2004 04:43 PM

Hy's cheesecake

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There used to be a wonderful shop in NJ (don't recall the town)called Hy's cheesecake. Hy retired and did not sell the shop (or the recipe) anybody know the shop (or a similar cheesecake) It was VERY creamy!

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  1. I thought I was the only one desperately looking for Hy's wonderful creamy light cheesecake. I remember him saying he was about to retire and wanted to know if anyone wanted to buy the recipe. The store was on springfield ave in Springfield or Melburn I've gone by there to see if any clues a long time ago without luck. I would love to find out how to make them or buy them again.
    Let me know if you find out

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    1. re: Patricia

      Oh MY GOD, Thanksgiving and Christmas isnt the same without Hy's cheesecake. I was told he sold the store but NOT the recipe. I have been searching everywhere for anything compriable to no avail. However, believe it or not my friend had an A&P (i believe) cheesecake that was ohhh so close. I will check out where she got it and get back to you. In the meantime, this is my first visit here so any info on this search will be appreciated


    2. Hy's Cheesecake was in my hometown of Maplewood, NJ.

      My parents owned a card and gift store four doors down.

      I grew up on Hy's.

      Hy didn't sell the business, he retired it, about 12 years ago. He moved down to Florida and (as far as I know) never sold the recipe.

      I also know his brother Lou, who owns a moving business here in NJ.

      Which has me wondering if the Lou & Hy's Cheesecake recipe you can find on Google MIGHT be the same one...

      I'll have to try making it.

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      1. re: Lee

        Lee, if you know Hy's brother, Lou, could you call Hy? The Lou & Hy's cheesecake on the web is from Akron, Ohio, so that's not it.

        1. re: Lee

          Hi Lee, is it possible to get in touch with Lou or HY, i would pay for the recipe what ever he wanted. please let me know. That cheesecake marked my for life. Thankyou

        2. There was nothing like it! I know he retired to FL with a tall stack. I've been meaning to telephone him one day to beg for the recipe. I think I'll do that. Don't want it to become extinct.

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          1. re: Jay

            Did you ever telephone Hy, Jay, to see whether his recipe is available anywhere? I swear, I'd happily buy a whole book just to get that one recipe. Like the rest of you, I grew up in New Jersey, where Hy's cheesecake was my very favorite. Now I live in Florida. Can anyone tell me where Hy lives--if he's still alive after all these years?

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              Jay, Could you please tell me his full name so that I may attempt to obtain the recipe. I don't know whether Hy is is first or last name. I grew up in Maplewood and it was always such a treat to get a Hy's Cheesecake. I have been bragging about it for the past 22 years in FL and I just have to have it! Do you know where in FL he moved to? Please please please tell me whatever you know!

              1. re: Jay

                HI Jay, if you speak with Mr HY, i will offer him money to revive this cheese cake. Thanks

              2. Ahhh, I grew up in Maplewood and now trudge through the barren midwest. Hy's was a short walk from home, and I, too, have found nothing like it. My wife is trying various cheesecake recipes...seeing if she can recreate the memory of it at least. Sigh...

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