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Aug 19, 2004 01:38 PM

Help - in White Plains this Sat...

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Looking for great place to eat in White Plains (or Yonkers) Any cuisine, just not too fancy/expensive.

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    Bon Amici on NY 100 in White Plains is excellent.
    A small Italian restaurant with friendly service and simple, well made dishes

    1. Love Bon Amici in White Plains! One of the best restaurants in tri state area! Best service and I never had a bad meal! Pricing not less expensive in town but well worth every single penny! If you like beets, the beet salad is superb!

      1. I agree Buon Amici on Central Avenue is good and so is La Bocca in Church Street in White Plains on Church Street.

        1. If you're doing Italian, Tre Angelina on Mamaroneck Ave. in White Plains is terrific. Food excellent, service superb, nice, quiet atmosphere.

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            Emma's Ale House on Gedney Way fits the bill. My family loves their sliders, fish & chips, ribs. It's bar food but kicked up a notch.

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              Emma's Ale House is good but very very noisy especially on a Saturday night. You'll never be able to have a conversation.

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                We found Emma's to be far below par. Food was bad to just ok. The rooms are very cramped. I actually got elbowed in the head by a bus boy who was clearing a table next to ours. The highlight was my daughter's mac n' cheese which she didn't like but I thought was pretty good.
                Places I do like in White Plains : Peniche for tapas and wine, Bengal Tiger for Indian (esp great value for the lunch buffet), also seconding the Italian suggestions of Tre Angelina and La Bocca.
                None of the above are fancy/expensive per se, but Tre Angelina is the quietest and def most "mature" crowd of the bunch sometimes a bit too stuffy for my taste.

              2. re: otisman

                Agree on Tre Angelina and La Bocca for excellent food -- I think La Bocca is a bit pricey though. . Sorry to be a naysayer on Buon Amici, especially since the service is so warm, but I find the food to be consistently mediocre.

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                  We're also fans of Kalbi House, a Korean BBQ place on Central Ave. not far from Rte. 119 (next door to the Greek restaurant). It's casual, the menu is tremendous and the portions are good. They serve other options besides the BBQ. You just may smell like a BBQ afterwards.

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