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Jul 27, 2004 08:51 PM

Buffalo Area dining

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Recently moved from Buffalo City area to Angola Cottage community by Lake Erie. Dining treasures abound! Cute little family run spot by RR tracks in Farnham, NY (from rt 5 turn left at the water tower, just past the RR underpass) called Pizzolanti's. The house salad is a home made garlic dressing that oozes from your pores for days! Ask for crumbly bleu topping! Mamma Pizzolanti is the chef and is close to 90 years DO NOT SEND YOUR STEAK BACK! LOL.

More to the point, the atmosphere is just charming and you are more than likely to be treated to a train passing by.

Other findings to be posted soon

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  1. I myself have moved to Evans area from Buffalo in the last year. I'm interested in places around Fredonia, Westfield and Chautauqua. I recently discovered the White Inn in Fredonia for a lovely lunch on a rainy Saturday.
    Does anybody have any suggestions?

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      I went to SUNY Fredonia and I used to like to go to Barker Brew Company. They had very good food and the atmosphere was nice also- they have outdoor seating in the summer.

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        sadly, they are no longer in business. Try the Upper Crust Bakery for soups and sandwiches - limited hours

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          Upper Crust is also home to great potato rolls.

    2. I like the White Inn. There's a couple of good places in Jamestown - MacDuff's and Forte. Up on the north side of Chautauqua Lake is Vullo's which is supposed to be good but I've never been there. There's another place closer to Jamestown, but I'll have to dig out the name as it's been a while.

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        The name of the place is the Italian Fisherman. It's at Bemis Point.