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Jul 22, 2004 09:41 AM

Johnny's Pizza in Mount Vernon

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I'm a recent transplant to lower Westchester, and I've been using this board as a tool to scope out a new list of local favorites.

Last night, on the recommendation of this board, we tried Johnny's pizza in Mount Vernon. It was excellent-- I think we have found our pizza joint. Amazing super-thin, smoky crust, not too much sauce, great toppings. Super-casual atmosphere, with cold beers and a low key local crowd.

So I wanted to say thanks. We plan to Sal's in Mamaroneck for comparison, but Johnny's was an excellent find.

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  1. Johnny's is the best, bar none. Sal's is just the typical pizza place (good for the rest of the country, nothing special for New York). Abatino's in North White Plains overrated. As for Dom and Vinny's, I haven't tried it, but I have to say, my money's on Johnny. BTW, they close for two weeks in August for vacation, so check the sign or ask. I'm thinking of loading up the freezer for the summer hiatus.
    Welcome to Westchester, and happy eating!

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    1. re: Deborah

      Johnny's is by and far THE BEST - hands down, bar none. Sal's is nothing special in my book nor is Abatino's. I've also been to Dom and Vinnie's and again, I have to say nothing that special. I guess when you are comparing the above pizza places with your average hole int he wall, greasy pizza joint they are much better pies but I'd say that besides Johnny's they aren't worth a special trip.


      1. re: KarenNYC

        come on, Sal's sicilian pizza and Sal's salad pizza IS something special!! Haven't found any place to compare to either of those.

        Excited to try Johnny's though!

        1. re: KY

          I agree with KY, Sal's pizza has an amazzzzing salad slice (best I have ever had). The plain pizza, I think, is better at Johnny's though.

    2. The only place that can come close to Johnny Pies is Louie & Ernies on the corner of Crosby Ave and Waterbury Ave in The Bronx. I love the sausage pie. Amazing!! These two pizzarias are prob the best in NY metro area. I've tried a me.

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        also, if you love Johnny's and are up in CT - then try Pepe's - they recently opened in Fairfield so you don't have to schlep up to New Haven and it is still as fabulous as the original.