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Jul 19, 2004 09:08 AM

Dinasaur BBQ in Syracuse - Amazing

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I was up in Syracuse for a meeting Friday and Saturday and all of my hosts, knowing my love of BBQ, were so excited to take me to Dinasaur BBQ. I read before I went up that President Clinton apparently considers this place his favorite BBQ.

Anyway, Dinasaur BBQ is the best BBQ I have had anywhere in New York, and comes the closest to my BBQ experiences in Lockhart, Texas. John Stage, an owner and founder got started bbq'ing for bikers and then traveled all around the BBQ capitals to perfect his art. This guy is as nice as can be and allowed me to go out back and see the smoker with him. They use a mix of hickory and fruit woods(he wouldn't tell me which fruit woods), and smoke their meats at an even lower temperature than the usual 220-250 F range. Their brisket smokes for around 18 hours.

The menu is built around four meats: ribs, brisket, pulled pork and chicken. I got a sampler to try all four. I was most looking forward to the brisket and ribs and they were my two favorites. The brisket and ribs were simply incredible, with a great smoky flavor and perfectly cooked. While they provide a few different homemade sauces, all of which were very good, I prefer great BBQ like this without the sauce. The pulled pork and chicken were very good, but didn't blow me away like the brisket and ribs. I tried some of my friends chili, which was great, and they have many sides, including very good cole slaw and excellent fresh cut fries.

The very exciting news, which I will be posting on the Manhattan board, is that in addition to their present two locations in Syracuse and Rochester, Dinasaur will be opening up a location in Manhatten in September. It will be across from Fairway on 131st and 12th. John Stage will be down personally working the pit, although I don't know for how long. I can't wait.

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  1. Where is this place? Is it accessible from I-81?

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    1. re: PD

      Directions From Binghamton

      81 North to 690 West
      Get off at West Street
      At your first light, make a left on Fayette Street
      Down two lights, make a left on Franklin Street
      Down three more lights, the Dino is on the Right

      or go to site at :

    2. I was at my daughter's in Skaneateles N. Y. recently and had the good fortune to sample several of the Dinasaur sauces. I would like to be able to purchase the sauces direct from the company and need the information to do so. If you have that information I would appreciate hearing from you.

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      1. re: Mary Gray

        You can order their sauces from their website, at the link below:

        I stumbled onto some of their sauces at a great NYC supermarket, Fairway. The Garlic Chipolte Sauce is great!

        I'm also looking forward to their Manhattan opening. Anyone know an exact opening date?


        1. re: Dave Mackler

          According to their website, they're projecting an opening date in mid-late October. I drove by there the other day (going to Fairway), and the place is definitely shaped up with their sign in place, too.

        2. re: Mary Gray

          I have seen the sauce for sale at Shoprite.

        3. You should also know that The Dinasaur BBQ is Charlie Daniels favorite place to eat in New York State. Best wishes, Katie

          1. Any updates on the new restaurant? Anyone? The Dinosaur BBQ Cookbook is one of my fav top 5. MMM MMM Good!!!

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            1. re: pixlpi

              Dinosaur BBQ opened in Harlem a couple years ago now (you were replying to an old post)
              I do like the cookbook -- I use for the meat rub. Best bbq chicken I ever made.

            2. I guess we "Upstaters" should consider ourselves lucky. Dino BBQ food IS really great, but it is a scene- normally loud and crowded. I do have to share that we have taken our toddler daughter there twice and they have been very kid-friendly both times. The BBQ is great, but I always reccommend the baked beans (very bbq-y, but not too sweet), the key lime pie and jumbalaya (if they have it). The black or red beans and rice are always great too. Eat late and stay for the blues (normally starting at 10). FYI- if you eat early and try to "squat" at your table they will make you move to the bar... you have to get there at just the right time in order to stay at your table for the band.