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Cheese shops in lower Westchester

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Are there any good cheese shops in the lower Westchester area? Specifically around New Rochelle, but I can travel a bit for cheese.

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  1. Auray in Larchmont. Expensive, but excellent.

    1. I second Auray in Larchmont. They carry a lot of French cheeses since there's a large French community in the town. Also Italian, English, and Spanish cheeses along with ham, sausage, bread, etc. Owners Warren Reed and Dale Saffir are exceptionally knowledgeable about cheese and will help you in your selection. Their prices have gone up due to the dollar's slide against the Euro, but the quality of their cheeses is better than Murray's in Grand Central

      1. You can also try the Cheesery in Hartsdale. Really, though, they are most famous for their flavored cream cheese spreads, which I have tried over the years and found quite nice. I used to eat caviar, and their caviar and green onion cream cheese was always a hit at family/friend brunches. I know they have lots of other cheeses, but weight and cholesterol issues have kept me away from eating a lot of cheese. Also, believe it or not, Stew Leonard's in Yonkers has quite a nice selection of imported cheeses, including some nice English cheddars, and other more esoteric options. And you can always do some other food shopping while you're there.

        1. I just read an article in the journal news about a cheese store in Dobbs Ferry on Cedar Street. The name escapes me but I think it is fairly new.

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            The name and address is:

            Marshall's Cheese
            27 Cedar Street
            Dobbs Ferry

          2. Auray Cheese Shop in Larchmont has an excellennt French-centric cheese selection (along with lots of other French staples for the large French community in town. They loan girolles and raclette machines if you buy the cheeses (tete de moine and raclette). It's on Palmer Ave.

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              A Westchester Foodie

              I do a lot of shopping at Turco's on Central Avenue, Hartsdale - Hailey, the cheese manager, always gives excellent advice! A large selection of specialty cheeses.

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                Marshall's Cheese has really taken hold in Dobbs Ferry. The proprietor is very nice, but unbelievably shy -- don't think she is not being friendly! Anyway, Marshall's is really changing the culture (pardon the pun) in the Dobbs and the surrounding villages. I was at a kid party recently where the parents put out cheese for the adults. The 10 year olds were able to identify Shepherd's Wheel, a popular choice at Marshall's!

              2. Whole Foods in WP. Also, great prices @ Trader Joe's.

                1. Auray Cheese Shop in Larchmont. Nice owner, great assortment of cheeses greatly influenced by the French Community in Larchmont.

                  1. Auray on Palmer Avenue in Larchmont. Personal service, nice (if limited as compared to Fairway in NYC and LI) variety. Expensive.

                    If you're willing to hike about 45 minutes go to Fairway in Plainview on LI. About 1/2 hour from Lower Westchester go to Fairway in Harlem - 125th Street and 12th Avenue.

                    1. Fairway in Harlem ROCKS! Not only for cheese, but ESPECIALLY for cheese. (I'm now curious about Marshall's in Dobbs Ferry, though - will try!)

                      1. Marshall's Cheese Shop not only has a cheese club and a great selection of cheese but also host's wine tasting events. Also has a nice selection of high end Beer from around the world

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                          I've been to one of those Marshall's wine and cheese tastings. It was fun, although I had too much wine so I'm not sure the last few wines were well-tasted, but I remember laughing a lot! The wine guy is from France and Dobbs. I'm in the cheese club so I get notices of the wine & cheese tastings; I could post if anyone wanted this.

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                            All in support of the local shop, but disapointed with the slopiness of the cheese case. The staff is so shy that they come across as rude. I plan to try the store again and see if I have a different experience. I went to Turco's after not finding what I want at Marshalls. A very decent selection with a few local cheeses. Don't get anything on sale there- it will definitely be expired. Mint in Tarrytown is the best and everyone there is really interested in you going home with a cheese you will love. I love good service...

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                              I know what you mean by good service. Barbara Marshall, the sole proprietor, is definitely shy, but I don't think her service is bad. In fact, after hearing a messsage I left on the store's answering machine, she called me back, opened the store on a holiday and made me a last-minute gift basket for a party. Now that's service!

                              Marshall's is more like the wonderful, albeit quirky, shops you find in Italy and France, where the proprietor is a real person. That's what I love about it, and why I love Dobbs so much. There's no Starbucks, but that's a good thing.