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Jul 14, 2004 09:44 PM

Has anyone tried Mexicali Blue in new paltz ny?

  • j

the menu looks better than your average place.

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  1. Hi James - Mexicali Blue is a nuevo Mex taco stand with an emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients (actual cilantro, real guac, blue corn tortillas) and seafood, i.e., grilled salmon and catfish tacos. Mostly takeout, very limited seating, great prices.

    More about this place in previous postings.

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    1. re: markp

      Good fish tacos - grilled catfish or salmon
      So good that I haven't ventured to the rest of the menu

      1. re: chumley

        that's funny...that's exactly what i had there today.

        the person (owner?) asked people who were eating how their food was, individually, in the middle or end of their meal...

        it is: food (from memory: catfish / salmon, steak, chicken, pork, or portobello???? in the middle, with lettuce / greens around it and a light dressing - lighter than a russian/1000 island, in 2 soft tacos).

        i wouldn't say it was great, but it was non-fatty, refreshing, and filling.

        they also have burritos and salads with the same choices as for the tacos. very simple menu. tacos were 3.25 each on the fish ones...i think burritos were 6.50 for the same? though i could be mistaken...

        1. re: bob gaj

          Guacamole-tasty, but not extraordinary
          catfish taco-owners recommendation, left me very disappointed. fish was unseasoned, and the soft blue corn tortillas were very bland, and not a pleasant texture.was not composed neatly, sour cream was on outside of my taco shell, making it very difficult to eat.
          steak taco-meat was not seasoned at all-same complaint about the taco shell.
          shrimp taco-the only item that was well-seasoned. the shrimp were in a garlic marinade, and well seasoned.I don't really understand the raspberry aioli though....
          The "homemade" hot sauces, are, come to find-"Franks Red hot sauce, that they doctor up, with lime, garlic, or other ingredients.
          VERY overpriced. $5.00 for a taco???, the fillings were meager, and not worthy of their steep prices...