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Jul 11, 2004 10:05 AM

Todai in Galleria Mall

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While visiting the folks saw this All You Can Eat Japanese place. Just wondering if anyone has tried it?

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  1. Absolutely horrible. I posted about this a while back. So bad I complained, sat down with a manager and talked for five minutes. He blew me off and hinted that the food wasn't for those who ate real Japanese food. Haven't been back and won't ever, ever go back. This is fake sushi and fake Japanese food for those who don't like sushi and Japanese food. Totally bad mall type food. Blech!

    There are so many decent Japanese restaurants within 10 minutes of this place.

    1. Words that don't combine well with Sushi:

      "All you can eat"


      "Half Price"

      Trust me!

      1. You will find at least 2 discussions about Todai earlier on this board. There are some positive comments, but probably more of them that are negative.

        1. I am a serious sushi eatter and I will say that the food was not bad. As long as you go in KNOWING this is not going to be Nobu you will be fine. We went at lunch and thought the food was fresh and was constantly being made and put out. I thought the quality was also pretty good for what it was.

          I also tried the cooked food and found it to be good. This is not a fine dining experience but if you are looking for a decent meal then I say go for it.

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            Well, I agree with KarenNYC, the food isn't that bad if you know your way around Japanese food, and know how to pick and choose.

            All irrelevant now, because the place is out of business.

            1. re: EHS

              Interesting, I was wondering if they were still around. I had not heard anything about them lately. I never did get to eat there.

          2. About a year or two ago, they changed from a buffet to a regular kind of sit down place. I know because we were there on the last day of the buffet. The sit down place didn't last for more than a couple of months and then they were gone.

            We liked that place a lot for what it was, I introduced a lot of people to it who liked it, and we even had an office party there one year. I miss it!

            I think their biggest mistake was opening up in the wrong place, the Galleria. If they were at the Westchester or the Mini-Mall where the DMV is, or even as a "drive to" destination at a strip mall, I believe they would have been a lot more successful. Just a bad real estate decision or lack of understanding about the Westchester marketplace.

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            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              Absolutely -- the clientele of the Galleria is NOT what Todai was meant for.

              I really wanted to go, my family and I actually ate at a Todai in California a few years ago when we were driving through on vacation. Oh well.