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Jun 14, 2004 11:15 AM

Emerson Inn, Mt. Tremper (woodstock) - any reviews?

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My boyfriend and I have booked a much needed r&r weekend at the Emerson Inn this weekend. Supposedly their restaurant is very good ... anyone recent reviews? Anything nearby that we must try?

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  1. Never been to the Emmerson Inn, but if you're up that way, you MUST go to Sweet Sue's for breakfast. They have every kind of pancake known to man, and lots of other options, too. I had the Banana Bread/Pecan/Coconut french toast, and it was really great. Portion sizes for the french toasts and pancakes are HUGE.
    It's in Phonecia, just down the road from Mt. Tremper. Ask any of the locals to give you directions...

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      I wouldnt stay at the Emerson Inn, eat in or around that particular area due to circumstances which Im sure I cannot go into here. Any of the restaurants in Phoenicia are fine by me, especially the Sportsman for Mexican. Enjoy!

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        Val - would you mind if i contacted you privately about why you wouldn't stay at the Emerson Inn? Thanks, Jen

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          Go ahead, its not earthshattering, not to worry

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          Val - I'd also be interested in your experience at the Emerson in Mt. Tremper. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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          Thank you for your reply! will definitely swing by sweet sue's

        4. Farther down the road, past Phoenicia, there is a restaurant called Peekamoose, which is outstanding. We ate there twice last week and loved it.

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              woah, just noticed the date on the OP.

          1. The restaurant at the Emerson Resort & Spa (official name) is called The Phoenix. Was there last weekend (8/08) and the food was very good. Service was a little trippy (as to be expected, given proximity to Woodstock?), but the food quality & presentation could not be faulted. The duck entree was outrageously companion also had a peanut crusted scallop appetizer that was truly fabulous. The steward's wine recommendation was spot on & not intended to inflate the tab.

            We stayed as guests at the Lodge section of the Emerson and, as such, had breakfast included. The Sunday brunch is quite a spread and enjoyable. Nearby Peekamoose was our dinner choice Sat. evening. Cool place, with outdoor deck and fire pit off the bar area, but busy and noisy on a summer weekend night. Service was a bit overwhelmed, but we were not in a rush and the service was sincere and the food was good. Pork entree was notably v.g., skirt steak entree was solid. Portions were generous. Nice bar atmosphere for pre- or post-dinner cocktail or local microbrew.

            Impt. note: if staying at the Emerson, check out massage by Thomas -- fantastic!