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May 24, 2004 10:50 AM

Restaurants in Buffalo

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Will be visiting the area and would like some recommendations for a special dinner!


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  1. If you like Prime Rib, it will be hard to beat Friar's Table on Cleveland Dr. in Cheektowaga. Another place in the same area that is pretty good is Bing's (Italian if I remember correctly). Both would be nice for a special occasion. I would make reservations at either location since Friar's Table is popular and Bing's is small. We have had some problems with poor service at Friar's but they responded well to a properly placed complaint and gave us the impression they care about their business enough to try to improve.


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    1. re: Jambalaya

      Do you know anything about Pranzo? It was excellent in the past.


      1. re: hope

        That's one I have never heard about. Do you have any more information as to its location, type of cuisine?

        1. re: Jambalaya

          It is a high-end northern Italian at the Raddison Hotel on Genesee St. out near the Airport. Gets good reviews but I've never been.


    2. A special dinner? I would say:
      Rue Franklin (French, intimate, Franklin St., natch)
      Bacchus (sleek, tasty food, many wines by the glass, Chippewa St.)
      Hutch's (Delaware Ave., bustling bistro style, good food)
      Oliver's (further up Delaware Ave., fairly pricy)
      Tsunami (Asian fusion, haven't been personally but many raves)

      Joe Moryl

      1. I love the Left Bank. I've been there thrice in my travels to Buffalo from NYC and never had a meal I didn't enjoy. It's a very pretty place for a special dinner, and the service is delightful. Not horribly pricey, either.

        1. My favorite's are: Just Pasta off Elmwood and I was just at Lotis on Delaware and that was good also. I have been to Pranzo and the food is wonderful.

          1. The Friar's Table is very good. The shrimps in the cocktail are massive, the salads just the right size and the steak/prime rib/rack of lamb are just as ordered every time. They've a great range of vodkas for martinis. Service is fantastic--friendly without being in your face. Reservations are necessary.