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May 21, 2004 12:03 AM

Nestlerode Pie

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Searching for the elusive bakery that makes nestlerode pie.Prefer a bakery that will ship to Long Island.

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  1. I posted the same request about a year ago and all I got were recipes for nesselrode pie. I don't think anyone makes it anymore. Years ago Paddy's Seafood on 34 th street in Manhattan served it and it was made by Hortense Spier for them. On Long Island (Island Park) Custom Bakers was quite famous for their Nesselrode. Alas all of these places are gone for years. You may find the old posts by going to Search.

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      Check the New York Times article of Feb. 29 of this year, by Bernard Gwertzman, "To Find the Unfindable Pie" (it's online, but you have to pay a fee). I think he said they can be found somewhere in Canarsie, and maybe (if memory of the article serves) at a certain bakery in the Bronx. And it's spelled Nesselrode, if that helps your search at all. Good luck.

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        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

        Found it on a Google search under "bernard gwertzman pie"

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          now I am curious - what exactly is Nestlerode Pie?

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            From the NY times article "To Find the Unfindable Pie" 2/29/04 by Bernard Gwertzman.

            " You probably want to know what this pie tasted like. My memory is of a lot of whipped cream, chocolate shavings on top, candied fruits in the custard of the pie, and a rum flavor throughout. The original Nesselrode had chestnut puree; later recipes omit this ingredient"

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              Nestlerode Pie was my favorite. I have not been able to find it for years. Can any one help me locate a bakery or restaurant that serves it?

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                recently got together with high school friends and we talked of the lunches at the ice cream parlor I asked if they remembered the nestlerode pie, something I never forgot and never again heard the name again ever I just received this from my friend THANK YOU ps the ice cream parlor was in Ridgefield Park NJ called Grotheers

            2. re: albee

              now I am curious - what exactly is Nestlerode Pie?

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                Replying to KarenNYC
                Really? I googled "bernard gwertzman" got everything BUT. I just want the recipe for nestlerode pie. Do you actually have it? and if you do, would you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, send it to me?
                It's the most delicious pie I have ever tasted, but have not had it in over 35 years.
                The restaurant that had it closed down, the building demolished and ......
                Well, POOF went nestlerode pie, and I've never seen it again on any restaurant menu, or as store bought mix, or anything.
                Everytime I think of it, I miss it.
                So, do you actually have the recipe? I would so appreciate it.

          2. I think that I once saw Nesselrode pie served at the Modern Snack Bar which is in Aquebogue, NY.