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May 11, 2004 07:14 AM

Something near aquarium in Norwalk

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Sorry the aquarium is near Norwalk. Any suggestions for a great burger, Pizza or something unique in this area

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  1. There's a place called the Brew House (I'm almost certain that's the name!) a very short stroll from the acquarium. Ate there with little kids in tow very recently. It's a big place and the food was OK. Service was fine, and it was definitely kid friendly. Someone on chowhound had recommended the crabcake salad, so my daughter got that. Not all that good. I had the pulled pork , which I thought was tasty, but I was starving. There are bound to be better options, but I thought I'd throw this out, fwiw.

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      There's a bunch of places in that area that would be fine, because they all get a lot of traffic from the Maritime Center.
      Donovan's (you can see it from the Maritime Center, on the corner of Water Street and Washington Street) has great burgers, salads and chili, and it's fairly kid-friendly.
      Mr. Souvlaki has - guess what! - Greek inspired food and is very kid-friendly.
      The Brewhouse isn't my favorite place; I'd walk a bit further to get to O'Neill's on South Main Street, which also has burgers and terrific sandwiches - it's an Irish pub, but I've taken my granddaughter there and it's been fine (as long as it's not Happy Hour).
      If you must have pizza, try Famous Pizza or New York Ray's (I don't want to get into the inevitable debate about this) on South Main Street or (if you prefer an upscale, wood-burning oven pizza) go to Match on Washington Street.
      There's also El Alcupolco (that just looks wrong) on Washington Street, which is very kid-friendly, but I haven't been there in a long time.
      If you like Southern food, there's a new place on South Main Street (diagonally across from O'Neill's) which I haven't tried but am planning on visiting soon. It smells good...
      Oh, and Papaya Thai (which friends swear by) is right across the street from the Maritime Museum.
      Just in case, there's also a Coldstone Creamery on South Main Street.
      The folks at the Maritime Museum will be able to give you directions, and all of these places are within walking distance.

      1. re: eLiz

        How is Papaya Thai? I've been looking for a veggie-friendly Thai place around Norwalk, but I've heard this place was very meat-centric.

        I'll second Mr. Souvlaki for a kid-friendly place with good food.

        1. re: c212

          Papaya Thai is not at all meat-centric. The last time I went they actually had 2 pages of thier menu dedicated to only vegetarian/vegan options. I love thier Tofu fire fried rice. enjoy!

      2. re: Pat Hammond

        Burger Bar is about 2 blocks away and it's great. High quality meat, inventive toppings, brioche bun. Need I say more? Oh, and amazing sweet potato fries.

        1. re: Ima Foodie

          If you're going with kids eat in the aquarium. the place right across the street, near the parking lot has mediocre food and high prices.