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Apr 21, 2004 07:53 AM

Good eats in Cape May NJ?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for fairly inexpensive to moderately priced restaurants in Cape May? We aren't picky eaters if that helps. All food is fair game as long as it isn't still moving.


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  1. Cheap - dunno...

    But 410 Bank Street makes one of the best blackened prime rib in the northeast. They run out of it, too - so go on the early-ish side (before 8:30p)...


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      I second 410 Bank Street. We also like the Mad Batter at 19 Jackson St. Also not cheap but very good. I don't think Cape May does cheap unless you want just grilled cheese or hot dogs -- and then I'm not sure they do them well.



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        Last Fall I had a dinner at 410 Bank Street that was excellent, by any standards. I recommend it highly, based on my one visit. If Cape May were just a little closer, I'd head down for a day trip just to eat at 410 Bank Street again. It's BYOB, and I brought a 2001 German Spatlese Riesling, which turned out to be the perfect choice for their New Orleans-style cuisine (if I do say so myself). A similar wine of the 2002 vintage could be found now for around $20, which would help to cut down on the price of the meal.

        A dinner I had at Ebbitt Room, on the other hand, was disappointing. The setting was nice, a pleasant, "fancy-restaurant" kind of room in a nice old hotel, but the food was quite ordinary and not worth the cost.

        A friend of mine recommended Daniel's on Broadway, but I read some mixed reviews on Chowhound, and postponed my visit until my next trip to CM.

        I had a brunch at the Mad Batter that wasn't noteworthy, even in comparison to other eggs/pancakes type brunches. I wouldn't go back there for the food, but their sunny patio was a beautiful place in which to start the day -- among many others in Cape May!

        1. re: Caseophile

          Freshly back from a Cape May (long) weekend, we had a mixed bag of experience:

          JACKSON MOUNTAIN - Bar/Rest. - decent pub grub, chicken wings.

          PILOT HOUSE - another same genre, ate there because of the 10 o'clock street roll-up at 90% of everything else.

          MAD BATTER - had A++ time at the bar with ultra-gentleman Tom the Bartender and a great local crowd...go for happy hour and have a FEW cold ones at the price!...we also had Easter Dinner and found the food a few cuts above the above.

          BLUE PIG (in Congress Hall Hotel) - Cape May elegance in main dining room...interestingly, the eponymous (roasted pig) dish was a huge porkchop that suffered overdoneness, but the staff was quick to satisfy with an exchange and even comped us a dessert...otherwise, all good and even better bar with jazz/blues live!

          CABANAS - on the Beach Street strip...made the best fries in town, but beware of the blue cheese on the burgers.

          LOBSTER HOUSE - can't spell it without so-so in it.

          BALLPARK CAFE (in the Atlas Hotel) - for $3.95 and whatever cost of a beer, the House Chili bowl is the BEST MEAL IN TOWN...amidst a treasure trove of Hall-of-Fame quality baseball memorabilia...Gotta go!

          Also found the Cape May prices overly rich...especially for off-season.

    2. Good cheap eats is hard to find in CM. That said, we did find great 1/2 price wings at the C-View Inn -- either Tuesday or Wednesday -- don't remember which. They also have decent bar pizza for half price the other of those days during the summer. The Lobster House has a good takeout counter outside that serves a fabulous fried fish sandwich and fries that you can eat on the deck. Everything from the take away window is much cheaper (and seems to taste better) than the ho-hum overpriced main restaurant. And their lobster salad, which you can buy by the pound from their fish market, is a bargain at around $12/lb for almost pure lobster meat -- half the price of Wegmans. I've had ghastly meals at both Jackson Mountain and the Ugly Mug.

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        Laura Loewen

        I'm so surprised that noone's mentioned Louisa's on this board. When we go there, we eat there almost every night, because where else can you find a cute place with very good, simple food with prices in the 12-15 dollar range? It's tough to get in; they only seat about 20, so you have to call on a Tuesday right away to get your reservations in for the week. Carnivores will be unhappy-- it's almost all fish, with a chicken here and a pasta there. Such a wonderful place.

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          I second Laura's recommendation. My wife and I liked Louisa's so much we went back the 2nd night of our stay. The first night I ate grilled bluefish snapper, rubbed with smoked paprika, black pepper, and a pinch of cayenne pepper, served with rice and a lemon slice, and excellent fresh tasting coleslaw - shredded cabbage, red onion, cilantro, and olive oil Cost? $18.95 for the entree. There was a vegetarian entree available for $16.95. We shared the Indian corn pudding with baked caramel apple slices on the bottom for $5.95. As Louisa's is a BYOB I bought from the nearby liquor store a delicious chilled white wine Crios de Susana Bilbac Torrontes 2002 for $13. So for an excellent seafood meal for a couple in a pleasant atmosphere with wine we paid $65 including tip, plus $4 to park in the nearby city parking lot - the meters on Jackson St take credit cards. Worth every penny. Louisa's accepts cash only and I suggest you book ahead as there is seating for just 24 diners.

          Louisa's Cafe
          104 Jackson St, Cape May, NJ 08204

        2. Cape Orient is the best inexpensive place in town, by far! Bella Vida Cafe is relatively inexpensive too, and has a lot of healthy options.

          1. Union Park is not inexpensive but it the best meal I ever had in Cpae May-delicious!