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Apr 18, 2004 09:53 AM

Great new restaurant in White Plains - Brooklyn's Famous

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We have found a fabulous restaurant (well, maybe not FABULOUS but quite good, well priced and in a good location). We happened upon Brooklyn's Famous Subs and Pasta in downtown White Plains (a block from the city center and around the corner from Starbucks) and tried it. The place is set up like a 50's diner and has great burgers and is VERY kid friendly.

We are giving it the thumbs up - they have subs (deli sandwiches, parmigiana, cheese steaks etc.. all fall under that header), regular sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, salads, pastas (their suggestions and a make-it-your-way pasta menu) and of course fries, rings and shakes!

So far I have had the burgers - which are very good, the pasta is also excellent (the bolognase sauce is fabulous) and the grilled cheese rocks! The shakes are good as well (but could be a tad thicker for my personal taste) and the fries and rings are good as well.

They also - cue the happy music - DELIVER - and when they do the food arrives piping hot and in great shape!!!! Anywho -info on the place is below - the owner, Vicki, could not have been any nicer.

Brooklyn's Famous Subs and Pasta
51 Court Street
White Plains, NY

M-Sat - 11am - 10pm
Sun - 12-8pm

they are going to start doing breakfast in the late spring or so.....

Enjoy and keep them in business.


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  1. Looking forward to trying it - always love those kid friendly places!

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    1. re: pamela

      Another terrific kid friendly restaurant in White Plains is Francesca's on Mamaroneck Avenue. This place is unchanged in my lifetime, I would assume, and is very relaxed. The kitchen puts out delicious thin crust pizzas my kids adore, has heavenly pasta standards (such as baked ziti with meatsauce) that takes me back to my youth, and a zesty garlicky penne with broccoli rabe and sausage that I crave. The waitresses love kids, and the place early in the evening is loaded with families.

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      1. I had lunch delivered from Brooklyn's famous and didn't enjoy it at all. Would never order there again.

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        1. re: nibmer

          have to agree, i found the place very mediocre, like run of the mill diner food, and not in a good way. the milkshakes were good, but that was about it.

        2. I think "mediocre" is putting it too kindly. I took my daughter there and I thought the food quality was pretty limp.

          While the 50's diner decor is fun, the food is not.

          1. We would agree with the comment, 'I think "mediocre" is putting it too kindly.'

            At the end of May '08, my wife and I ate a large meal there complete with appetizers, salads, and pasta entrees. To start with the buns on the min-burgers were very stale, the patties still frozen. We then had a small, expensive, limp, low quality salad followed by pasta dishes. Our dishes had paprika splashed all over the plates (very unprofessional, and in general true of all that we saw and ate), and my wife's seafood was pourred straight from the frozen bag of mixed seafood poured indelicately over linguine.

            While the menu labels virtually every dish as 'home made,' all that we saw came from a processor of mediocre quality. Further, the service was not good, and the server presented as if he was a hig-pressure commisioned salesman.

            My conclusion was that the diner, which looks authentic and cute despite a very dirty floor, was established by another able restauranteur, who had subsequently sold to others who have no love for food, or 50s era diner experience.

            Lastly, when the bill came, the price was roughly double what we would have expected to pay.

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            1. re: ezrated

              "Lastly, when the bill came, the price was roughly double what we would have expected to pay."

              I have never been to this place before so I have no comment on the food, but if you saw the menu with prices and ordered all that food ("a large meal there complete with appetizers, salads, and pasta entrees"), why would be be surprised when the bill arrived?

              1. re: Dee Dafni

                I also agree with the comment, 'I think "mediocre" is putting it too kindly.' We tried the place several times. The burgers were tasteless frozen patties and the service was slower than slow. It seem to us that if you didn't know the owners or someone who worked there, you were treated as a 2nd class citizen or just ignored. Bad vibe, won't go back.

                It's nice that they "give back to the community", but that doesn't necessarily tie into food quality.

                1. re: Dee Dafni

                  Sorry Dee. Ate there once and had the mediocre experience described above -- and I so wanted to like it!

                2. re: ezrated

                  NO sarcasm here, but I just looked at the menu on the website and if this is double what you would have expected to pay, please tell a poor soul where you eat all this stuff for half the price.

                  1. re: aslay

                    food is mediocre, service was TERRIBLE. I was there a year ago, ordered a Sub, Fried Eggplant and cheese. I was expecting it to be hot, it wasn't. I called over the manager, and she explained to me that it ALWAYS is served cold. This may be true, I'm no Italian from brooklyn expert. But when I said it doesn't indicate in the menu that it's cold, and I don't like it cold, she said basically that that was too bad, that's how it is supposed to be made.
                    And therefore my business is supposed to be taken elsewhere.

                  2. re: ezrated

                    Oringinal owner, and family, still there.
                    GF and I have eaten there many times and never, never a problem ever.