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Mar 31, 2004 08:54 AM

Are there ANY good places to eat in New Rochelle???

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Except for Coramondel, I've yet to see a decent place in New Ro, which is unfortunate, given I just moved to the area, and go downtown on occasion to catch a movie. It's just downright wierd that in an area with New Roc City, one of the largest cinema complexes on the east coast, and where so many yuppie condos are going up, that there is such a dearth of eating places. ( And please don't reply about the AppleBees...) Am I missing something (or some food)???

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  1. I live right down the road from New Rochelle. I can't find any place I really like EXCEPT in New Rochelle! But I love Mexican food, and for that cuisine it's heaven. Go the The Corner Cafe for sopes, The Little Mexican Cafe for just about anything, El Michoacano, for a hearty lunch, or a great milk shake. Buy your bread and pastry at the Bread Factory. Fabulous! I sent some bread back to Manhattan with a friend who loves it too. Get VERY reasonable produce and other Latino stuff at the market next to Payless Shoes. There's a big warehouse market too, "Vida, something", with lots of non-perishables and more produce. You can graze up and down Main Street.

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    1. re: Pat Hammond

      Thanks. I'll check them out. Where is the Bread Factory though..never heard of it.

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        It's at 30 Grove Ave. Really close to that warehouse-like food place that's just off Huguenot (spelling?). It's always on my weekend shopping rounds.

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          Yes there are. Modern Pizza is a wonderful Italian restaurant. Not just pizza!!!Always crowded. The warehouse place is Viva Grande which is off will see signs on right. Shitakke Mushrooms $5.99 a lb!

          1. re: Margie

            Viva Grande, that's right! I can never think of the name. They sell produce outside too. Prices outside are even better, for selected items. Last weekend: 10 Sunkist Mineoloa oranges for $1 and for .50, big, creamy white cauliflower. Can't beat that! I've been enjoying guacamole this week, from the Hass avocados I bought there, @.99 each.

            I'm told that Viva Ranch, on Main St., is the original. I shop there regularly too, and the prices are somewhat better on some things.

            1. re: Margie

              I second Modern! It's great! I used to go there all the time when I went to CNR! Great pizzas (white pizza w/ bacon is yummy!) and other Italian specialties!

            2. re: Pat Hammond

              Its called Viva Ranch.......there are soo many good places to eat in New Rochelle....If you want an awesome burger go to Aj's on North Avenue right by City Hall. I have lived in New Ro all my life---definitely the Little Mexican Cafe rated best in Westchester actually. The Mexican Bakery "Alicia's Bakery" has great stuff....the Bread Factory is to thr right of Viva Ranch when you come out of the parking lot, make a right....follow the road over the small bridge and the Bread Factory is on your left---best bread ever. At the Ramada they have a great restaurant The City Chow house....Posto 22 on Division has excellent Italian....Modern Pizzeria has great family style Italian and the staff is so friendly there....Geez I could go on and on...P.s Whoever said New Roc movie theaters were the ppl that migrate from the Bronx ruined it...what a now have to escape it by traveling to white plains or somewhere else...please don't judge New Rochelle by New Roc lol

              1. re: gemmaslemma

                This was a REALLY old post, but Little Mexican Cafe is still great and reasonably priced. I finally tried DaGiorgio Italian restaurant in Wykagyl and it was wonderful! Lovely restaurant, great food and attentive service. New Ro could definitely use a few more dining spots. Cholo Peruvian on Lawton is ok. Wasn't impressed with Posto 22 at all. Coromandel used to be great, especially for Sunday brunch, but it really deteriorated and after the last time I was there about a year or two ago, I never went back. Still Zagat's persists in giving them a 26 -- ridiculous!

                Little Mexican Cafe
                581 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

                30 Division St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

                Posto 22
                22 Division St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

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                  We went to the City Chow House a couple of weeks ago - it was great! They are in the process of some renovation however but it doesn't affect the dining. The drinks (a very expanded martini menu) were fantastic - memorable in fact! And the chef is one of the celebrity chefs from a couple of seasons ago of "who will be the next food network star". It was fun to meet him! Unfortunately, I learned that he is soon to be leaving there - so if you are thinking of going --- GO soon! Also, try the shrimp appetizer - also memorable.

                  1. re: smilingal

                    Really ? I thought that place had opened & closed -- confused it with someplace else I guess. But, now that a competent chef is leaving, the prognosis for City Chow House's longevity may not be so good.... Thanks for the recommendation though -- I'll give it a try-- at least for one of those memorable martinis! Downtown rentals in New Rochelle are cheap, so I keep hoping more new restaurants will open -- and survive!

              2. Greasy Nicks(Leno's Clam Bar) on Shore Road has great burgers and steamers it is closed in the winter.

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                  There aren't any good places to eat in New Rochelle but there are in nearby Larchmont and Eastchester. I highly recommend "Lusardis" (Italian) and "The Globe Bar and Grill" (New American) on Palmer Ave. in Larchmont (just take rt. 125/Weaver St., to Palmer Ave. and make a right), both restaurants will be on your right side. The "Globe" also has a lounge in the back with jazz music on Thursday nights and I think both "the Globe" and "Lusardi's" have outdoor seating in the Spring and Summer. I also recommend "Lime" (New American) on Larchmont Ave. (just continue down Palmer and make a left on Larchmont). In Eastchester there's the "Eastchester Fish Gourmet" and "Jackie's Bistro" (French Bistro) near Lord & Taylor's, both of which I'm not as fond of as the restaurants in Larchmont, but worth a visit for variety's sake. There's also a new Italian that opened up across the street from Lord & Taylor's that I haven't tried it yet; I think it's "Malfetano Ristorante." If you get really adventurous and want to travel out even further, let me know; I have more suggestions :)

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                  1. re: finickyfoodie

                    Do you not enjoy Mexican food? There's a ton of excellent examples of that cuisine in New Rochelle!


                    1. re: finickyfoodie

                      I have to comment, you say "Eastchester there's the "Eastchester Fish Gourmet" and "Jackie's Bistro" (French Bistro) near Lord & Taylor's"

                      Neither one is anywhere near Lord and Taylors, I mean miles. EFC has gone way downhill and is bored and tired. Jackie's is inconsistant and always has been but I still reccomend it. At it's worst it's pretty darn good, except the service when the daughter is a server.

                      New Rochelle is in a tie for first place with White Plains for some of the best Latin in the New York area.

                    2. Coromandel, is very good indian food in a nice sit-down environment.

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                      1. re: rbrad

                        Personally, I was very disappointed in Coromandel last winter - from the overcooked papadums to the ketchup-y tasting house special appetizer, so-so samosas and average entrees. There's much better Indian in Westchester to be had so haven't been back since. Maybe they've improved.

                      2. A few solid New Ro restaurants off the top of my head:

                        Macmenamin's Grill - excellent American fare, steaks are cooked to perfection, seafood is always so fresh. Located in the old Plastic Works factory. And they have cooking classes, must check it out.

                        Red Lotus Thai - delicious, consistent Thai food you can count on, was given a "very good" rating from the NY Times.

                        Sterling Inn: amazing French American. Save this for a birthday/anniversary dinner. The chef did his time at all the well known establishments in the city. Quality food, worth the price.

                        And, as stated in all prior posts, you cannot go wrong with Mexican food in New Ro - take your pick.