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Aug 13, 2003 02:08 PM

Best place to buy fresh seafood (to cook at home)?

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I'm looking for a place in SF or maybe Marin County to buy fresh seafood - fish or maybe scallops - to cook at home. Who has the freshest fish?

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  1. Yum Yum fish on Irving at, I think, 23rd Ave has sashimi-grade fish and supposedly pretty high turnover.
    I have loved everything I've had from there, and I've had a wide variety of fish both raw in sushi and cooked.
    I thought it was a bit cheaper, as well, but last weekend they had wild king salmon for $8.99/lb, same as Whole Foods.
    The king salmon from Whole Foods a couple weeks ago was amazing. We just grilled it with some garlic and olive oil, and the texture was divine. I know there must be a better (or cheaper for the same quality) place to buy fish out there than Whole Foods, so I'm eager to read the rest of the replies you get, but I have to admite that it hasn't failed us yet.

    1. Buy directly from the docks, or the Chinese markets in Sunset from the tank. Can't get any fresher than that. One minute they were swimming, you point a finger, the next minute they are killed and cleaned.

      1. Bryan's in Laurel Village on California.

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          Bryan's, enthusiastically yes! But when you want something less pricey, Seafood Center on Clement Street. Tell the woman (she's off on Wednesdays) exactly what you want and that you want quality. She will steer you to the best product. She remembers past customers and guides them accordingly.

          If you want whole fish, there is a long bank of it across the aisle. Here, little or no English is spoken so you have to be your own advocate. So know what you want, what it looks like and check the eyes and gills. Very fresh and very reasonable.

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              I realize that but thought the bump was worthwhile since the info was so dated.

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                There are more recent topics, such as the two linked on the top right corner of the page.

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                  Thanks, Robert. I was trying to stay within the SF only and not-necessarily-strictly local boundaries. Plus, I had not seen Seafood Center mentioned before and thought it might be a good contribution.