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Mar 3, 2004 05:22 PM

Hungry in Orange County NY -- Please share your top 3 (or 5, or 10)eating spots?

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While Orange County has changed a lot since I moved here in 1980, and is slowly showing signs (both good and bad) of becoming more cosmopolitan, it's still not that easy to find interesting, quality chow. Chow, that is, not expensive restaurants (of which I'm sure there are some good ones), but everyday food that has something special about it, is interesting, retains a connection to ethnic or regional origins, offers especially good value ... you know what I mean. So, fellow hounds, please share your favorites, whether they be specialty groceries, delis, farm stands, bakeries, a good cheese department, whatever. And if there's a really special fancy restaurant you just have to tell us about, go ahead, put that on the list too.

I'll start making my list and post it in the next few days.

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  1. My favorite place to get some good mexican chow has to be Tico's Taco Stand in Newburgh. The name of the place pretty much describes the joint, but the food is great and served by two Mexican woman who work in the back kitchen. Everything is good there from tacos, burritos to the baked chicken with rice & beans (my favorite!) The food is better if you eat it there than if you get it to go.

    1. As for "chow" (good eats, kinda cheap) I LOVE Barnstormer BBQ in the Ames Plaza on Route 17K in Newburgh. Nothing fancy at all- rolls of paper towels on the tables, license plates on the walls, blues music from the speakers, etc. Gotta love the classic pulled pork sandwich. Mmmmm! And their NFA (No Foolin' Around) Chili is pretty boss, too.

      My newest favorite "nice" restaurant is a one block walk from my house- Wildfire Grill in the village of Montgomery. It's only been around about a year but it's quickly making a name for itself. Owned and operated by a local resident/Culinary Institute grad, they feature creative (but not "weird") food that's done well and with the freshest ingredients. Anything I've had that was sea bass has been awesome! Not cheap, but not really expensive as in "fine dining." (I guess expensive/cheap are realitvely subjective terms, but it's not like a Tavern on the Green expensive.) They also have a nice wine list and great nightly specials. The last two times I've been, it was a weekend night and the place was packed by 7pm.

      Catherine's in Goshen is also nice when you want more upscale than "the chains" but a place where you can still go in wearing jeans.

      I also love El Bandido Mexican Restaurant in Middletown. You get a lot of food for not a lot of money... and it's gooooood food! (in my opinion!)

      I'm excited to hear where else O.C. residents like to eat! Great topic.

      1. Clayton Delaneys in Chester. Without a doubt. Cheap, homey, lots o' food. Cute place.

        Does anyone remember Cafe Mittenburg (or was it Miltenburg) in Middletown? It was a dessert place right by El Bandito. LOVED that place.

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          Yes I remember Cafe Miltenburg (I think it had an "l" in it!)... Are there any neat little places like that around?

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          Simon Gruber

          I'm posting my list in several parts... About Cafe Miltenberg (see Andrea's post in this thread), this was, to me, a sort of odd amalgam of sit-down pastry cafe (and they may have served a few light savory snacks too), together with a salon-style decor -- plush upholstered chairs, separate small rooms... The woman who ran it was Austrian, and maybe these kinds of places are common there. Anyway, the only OC dessert place that really compares in terms of variety and quality, to my knowledge, is Jean Claude's pattiserie in Warwick. Only a few tables, it's nowhere near Miltenberg in terms of style. But the pastries and cakes are excellent, and visually gorgeous too.

          Since it's Saturday morning, I'll also mention another chow spot that's usually only open Saturday, and perhaps Weds. during the summer... Blooming Hill Farm in Blooming Grove, on Rt. 208 south of Washingtonville (just north of the intersection of 208 and Clove Rd.).

          This place is an organic farm, now open during the winter selling produce from out of the area, baked goods, etc. During the growing season (they also use greenhouses, so it's extended) they have amazing quality in greens, root vegetables, apples, you name it. This is what you buy at NYC Greenmarkets (they sell there) but closer to home. What makes it even more interesting is the snacks they sell, like gorditas for $2-3, or roasted corn... Great sense of place, true dedication to the land and the food, and perhaps a sign that some of the agricultural economy will survive in the Hudson Valley. Get there early - a lot of the best stuff is gone by early afternoon.

          1. At Soons Orchard in New Hampton I forgot about Scotty's Homemade Pies. The Apple Crumb is the best I have ever had......

            I have also had good meals at the Eagle's it in Bloomingburg? That was the first place I ever had snails...

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              Yes, the Eagle's Nest is in Bloomingburg. I've always had good food there, too.

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                I have few places for yo in Orange County NY

                Tony Boffas in Middletown, Tandy Pub off Lake s Rd in Monroe,Boccies also in Monroe on Lakes Road,Bulls Head Inn In Campbell Hall, For good bakery there us The Bakerys Plus on 211 in Middletown.

                For good Italitan pastery there is Givannis on Lake Street in Monroe.

                And most Shop Rites have a good bakert. Also A
                Wal-Mart in Harriman and in Middletown.

                A;sp BJ's in Harriman. I alo went to Cafe Milltinburg years back but they are closed now.

                If you want any more let me know.