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Aug 12, 2003 10:58 PM

Bobby's Cajun BBQ reopens in a new location

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there was a sign on the window of Alvarado Gardens today that was announcing the new location of Bobby's Cajun BBQ - formerly Bobby's Backdoor Cajun BBQ - the new location is further North.
4261 Hilltop Drive, Richmond (but I think it's El Sobrante) 94803
It's next to Hilltop Food Market - across from Rolling Hills Cemetary. 510. 262-0694 Hrs: 11-8pm Tues, Wed & Sun, 11-9pm Thurs, Fri & Sat. pork ribs were my favorite at the old location.....

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  1. The pork ribs from there you brought to the BBQ tasting were my favorites for the texture and succulence of the meat. The sauce was pretty good, too. Thanks for the update.

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      ruth, I went up there to get a menu and check out the new location. the smells got to me and I got a lunch plate of pork ribs for lunch. ($7.50) it came with a scoop of potato salad - mashed texture and somewhat sweet from relish, two slices of balloon style wheat bread and a pile of pork ribs -maybe 8 or9? About half of the ribs had a very tender texture and were very meaty ( no gristle fatty streaks) - the other ribs weren't as tender but had some nice tasty bits from the smoking and were also relatively lean. I got the mild sauce - pretty tasty with some smoke overtones, some acid, not too sweet and not much heat - will try the medium next time or ask for half mild & half medium. they posted a letter stating that they left the old location back on December 10, 2001 and have not had anything to do with the two businesses that occupied that location after they moved. Bobby's Cajun BBQ now makes their own boudin and cajun sausage.