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Aug 12, 2003 05:10 PM

Are they Scones or Shoes? Or Doorstops? :)

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I have to say, lately I've just been totally repulsed by chain cafe scones that are the size of shoes and look as unappetizing as a baked good possibly can. It seems like they're growing more ridiculously big and calorific everyday.
I don't know why this has started irritating me more than usual.

Anyway, what do you think is the best scone around Berkeley or the FiDi?
Or please direct me to a relevant thread..

I like Sconehenge scones, which are fluffy and small, but they tend to be rather buttery and more biscuit-y than I think scones should be.

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  1. I'd love to know as well. I've given up and just make them when I get a craving. I like my scones fluffy like biscuits, the way British scones are.

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      The best ones I've had in SF were at the Mandarin Oriental. They're baked to your order.


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        ChowFun (derek)

        You're right!
        I forgot those...warm right out of the oven..delicate crunch...beautiful surroundings, and wonderful Chowfriends!

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          For $30 a plate, you can come to my house and I'll bake them to order. I have at least as many teas as the Mandarin. Maybe I should open an undergound tea salon.

          My favorite San Francisco scones were baked by 101 Carl, back in the late 80s. They were currant scones, and while they had plenty of baking powder, I wouldn't describe as being like bisquits They also made fresh graham cracker and zweibach, but the cakes were kind of heavy.

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      ChowFun (derek)

      I like the scones at The Cheeseboard/Arizmendi. Also Zuni has wonderful ones for B'fast.

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        Cheeseboard, yes. The cheese scones have a wonderful, light, biscuity texture.

      2. The Cakery on Burlingame Ave in Burlingame has wonderful raisin & raisin/oatmeal scones. There are two sizes. I like the small ones because I like the edges. The Cakery is owned & run by the people who used to own Shuberts in SF.

        1. My friends who live in Davis are traveling right now, but last month they served me the best store-bought scones I've had yet, from a bakery up there. They were that just-right combination of flaky and crumbly, buttery but not cloying, some with plump raisins and others with good flavorful blueberries. When my friends get back I'll get the info and let you all know.

          1. Try them from the Palio D'Asti casual lunch place on Montgomery near Sacramento. Very good, imnho.