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Jan 13, 2004 10:47 AM

Nice place near Kenilworth, NJ (or in Union County)?

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Hi --

Looking for a good place for dinner with colleagues in the Kenilworth, NJ area. Price and type of cuisine are not really an issue -- just a place with quality food & atmosphere that's near the office.


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    Le Rendez-Vous is a very nice French restaurant in the center of Kenilworth. My husband & I went there for our anniversary and had a great dinner. I asked about it on this board in October.

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      I like Le Rendez-vous very much. The Mediterranean/French cuisine is excellent. It's a small place and quite charming, but tables are a bit cramped. So, it's not the most comfortable restaurant. Also, it's BYO.

      Since you are going with colleagues, I think Chez Catherine, in Westfield, would be a much better choice. The French cuisine is wonderful, and there's an excellent wine list. The overall ambiance is extremely pleasant: lovely decor and comfortable seating.


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        I recommend ristorante DA Benito in Union. (Italian, as if I have to tell you). Excellent food, atmosphere. consistently rated one of the tops in NJ, and to think it was so close to Kenilworth all this time.

    2. Re Le Rendez-Vous, we were disappointed the last time we went. The service was mediocre at best, and the noise level was almost painful. (It's tiny.) But they do (usually) have someone with a French accent around. Service was terribly slow for the food, which we couldn't figure as the place is tiny. - Chez Catherine has good French food, service good etc. (No French accents however.) To go a bit farther, The Stage House in Scotch Plains is an excellent choice. Atmosphere like crazy, professional service and excellent food. Oh, Also David Drake in Rahway. Stupendous, but definitely on someone else's tab!

      1. as with other posters, i'm a real fan of le Rendevous...the owner is awesome, the place super small, and is everything i wish for in a french restaurant. Byo takes a chunk out of the bill so it's almost an affordable utterly french bistro.