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Dec 22, 2003 08:45 PM

New Korean BBQ in Stamford: Egane

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A new Korean BBQ has opened in Stamford on Bedford Street, named "Egane". It's in the cursed space formerly occupied by the awful Khan's Mongolian BBQ, and then briefly by an equally bad pan-asian place.

I ate there with my 10 YO son on Sunday night. There are about 12 BBQ tables, and about as many standard tables.

They serve Korean and Japanese appetizers, sushi, Korean BBQ and about a dozen Korean entrees. We had two BBQ choices: Bul Go Ki (thinly sliced ribeye beef in a soy-based marinade) and a pork option in a soy/chili base. Both were very, very good. Some of the 8 panchan that came with the meal were unusual: a very thinly sliced dried fish in a chili sauce, a root vegetable I can't identify in a vinegar sauce.

The beef BBQ was $22, the pork $20. Only about a quarter of the tables were occupied, and the staff was very attentive and friendly.

Overall, its at least as good as the other BBQ I've had on 32nd street in NYC, and it wouldn't be embarassed on Northern Blvd in Flushing. I'm a little surprised its as good as it is, right here in Stamford, but very happy to have it. My son, who loves K-BBQ, said all-in-all he'd rather eat here than drive to Flushing ... high praise.

Look forward to hearing of other's POV on Egane.

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  1. I know this post is really old, but I ate here the other night for dinner and the place was fairly empty. Not sure why that is? The food was good, service was very attentive and friendly. Do people in Stamford not like Korean food? Is it the economy or is there another reason? Maybe I'm just used to the jam packed restaurants in NYC...

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    1. re: fooodie

      I've always liked Egane... it's been a while since I've been there. Partially because I remember it being a little pricey. But perhaps I'm remembering incorrectly?

      1. re: adamclyde

        Do you know if this restaurant is the same as the Egane in Norwalk (on Rt 7 north of Walmart)?

        1. re: DMW

          I don't know. Actually, I didn't know there was an Egane in Norwalk. Considering there aren't all that many Korean restaurants around these parts, I'd be really surprised if there were two in lower FFC with the same name and they weren't related.

          1. re: DMW

            Perhaps you might be thinking of Edo, in the strip mall past Walmart. They serve Korean, among other things.

            1. re: luvarugula

              What we really need is a Korean chicken wing place such as UFC or Bon Ton , both in NY. They are cheap and booty-licious!

              1. re: luvarugula

                Ah, yes.... that is what I was thinking of. How is Edo?

                1. re: DMW

                  Oh Edo! They serve Japanese and Korean from what I remember. I haven't been in a couple years, but I used to love it there. Great sushi rolls and they introduced me to Mochi Ice Cream.

              2. re: DMW

                Are you referring to Edo, perhaps? Just north of Walmart, in strip mall with Letizias.

              3. re: adamclyde

                I'm always surprised at how pricey Korean food can be. While Egane certainly isn't inexpensive, I'd say it's on par with many of the places in K-town in NYC.

                1. re: fooodie

                  Foodie - What do you think of the food at Edo?
                  Thanks :-)

                  1. re: DMW

                    I really enjoyed the food when I used to go, but I haven't been in a couple years so I'm not sure what it's like recently. I used to drive about 20 minutes to go there so it must have been good. I almost always ordered sushi. They had great special roll and I don't remember it being overly expensive. Many other patrons seemed to enjoy the Korean, but unfortunately I can't personally comment. The waitstaff and hostess was great too.

                    1. re: fooodie

                      i was at edo a few months ago. food was good and reasonably priced. its one of those places where they go the extra step to make certain everyone is accomodated. they even brought us a few dishes complementary. its a good family place so you can bring the kids if you wish.

                      1. re: poppy

                        We went a couple of weeks ago and had a nice meal. The bbq was good, as was their rice bowl (the one with the egg...sizzling hot...can't remember the name). I found their sushi to be just ok.

                          1. re: discounteggroll

                            Thanks for the reviews everyone! :-)
                            I will try it out.

                          2. re: amanda3571

                            The hot stone rice bowl is Dol Sot Bibimbap ($13, IIRC). It's in my lunch rotation.

                            You get quite a nice variety of side dishes along with the rice bowl: kim chi; small crispy salty anchovy-like tiny fish, marinated bean sprouts, greens, and tofu skin.

                            1. re: plien69

                              Great. All the little sides are one of my favorite parts of Korean food!

                              1. re: DMW

                                If you can't make it to Flushing, Edo is vastly superior to Egane.

                          3. re: poppy

                            Glad to hear Edo service is still top notch. I'll have to make it back there soon.