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Dec 21, 2003 03:23 PM

Red Dot, Hudson, NY

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My husband and I went up to Red Dot in Hudson for dinner last night--I wasn't crazy about it, but the frites served in a paper cone are out of this world, and the ambience is very nice. They had a fire going outside in the courtyard, and smokers were warming themselves by it. My husband liked it very much--he had the chicken pot pie, which was sort of bland to my palate, but comforting nonetheless.

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    I can understand your less than overwhelmed readtion to Red Dot. I felt the same way on my first visit but my wife felt and ruled otherwise. And the subsequent meals there were very good (it has been a while since so the items chosen have faded from my memory)and that sense has persisted. However, it is a bit of a strange place but so is Hudson.

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      The Red Dot is a typical small town dive. Quite frankly, I felt that the menu was horrible. But more important, the owner and the wait staff and even worse. I don't go to a restaurant to be entertained by their high school antics. Avoid at all cost.

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        BTW, not to disparage Hudson itself. There are a couple of good restaurants within walking distance of the Red Dot. Ca' Mea Restaurant is a few doors down and serves great Tuscan Italian. Also, Swoon Kitchenbar is across the street is really great for local ingredients, expertly prepared and served. I would definitely recommend both of these places.

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          I had my fourth dinner at Swoon Kitchenbar this past weekend and am back in love with the place. Service had been not so great, but it was top notch this time and my guests were moaning w/ the first bite of each dish.

          I love the fact that they try to source locally and are in tune with the seasons.
          I keep meaning to try Ca'Mea, but when it comes time to choose, preference for local has me going to Swoon.

    2. Red Dot has a good brunch. Most of the food is comfort food in a cooler than thou space.
      Swoon Kitchbar food is to Swoon over...

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      1. re: maggiekismet

        We go to Ca' Mea fairly regularly and really like it.

        1. re: dimples

          What do you like about Ca' Mea? I'd love to hear!

          1. re: NYchowcook

            Most of the entrees are usually very good--I can't remember any specifics but I always like the pastas and the rest of my family usually orders meat or fish. The salads are very good as well. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, when I said "fairly regularly" its sort of spread out over 2 or so years since a close relative moved to Hudson and so we've been going there once every few months.

            1. re: dimples

              would you report back on Ca'Mea next time you go?
              Or if someone else on this board goes, could I get some specifics (take notes, perhaps?!)

      2. Me, I love The Dot. A fun place, food good enough depending on the level or need of taste. I don't care if the food is so so sometimes. I love the atmosphere and people that hang out there. And what else is open in Hudson sometimes?

        Yes some of the staff and owner are not perfect for this VRWC fascist, but the place is still fun. Say hello to Frank, Philip and Dan, the bar flies in this place.

        Think of Rick's Place in Casablanca and go with the flow.

        I've been to some of the other "gourmet" places in Hudson and they're boring and pretentious with bad service.

        Me, I'm over artsy/fartsy food and pretentious pretentions, I'm into friends and fun and living. I could go at any minute. Yes, I would like fries with that!

        Go to The Dot, you'll love it.

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        1. re: garyhope

          I have been reluctant to go to the dot 'cause I imagine lots of NYC folks w/ attitude, and I'm a local yocal.
          What's VRWC?

        2. Try Swoon! The chef's creations are innovative and always fresh. They have a gift for creating different dishes (i.e., lamb ragu on cod over a cauliflower puree; at first I thought lamb and fish?! Once it hit my palate it was a true success!). When I would visit family in Albany I would specifically get off at the Hudson train stop for Swoon! Although I must say their pastry chef is lacking substance compared to the dishes, but there is an ice cream place down the street. It is a real treat! I had chai ice cream and it was perfection: A creamy, melt in your mouth dream!

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          1. re: LimonZang

            LimonZang, this thread is making me want to go to Swoon even more . . .Sounds better then my last Hudson stop, The Carolina House (good comfort food). Perhaps we have even been on the same train :)