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Pizza in Perth Amboy

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  • Paul Sky Dec 6, 2003 07:52 PM
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Hi all,

Does anyone remember how good the pizza was at the little, family owned place that used to be across the street from the Majestic Theatre on Madison Ave? Last time I was around there, it was still there, but the owners who made the most amazing pizza I ever tasted have been gone since the mid-80's. They probably moved back to Italy or just retired. Their pizza had a thin crust with a wonderful, oregano flavor that I've never tasted again elsewhere. If anyone can recall it, is there another place you would recommend tha would be similar?



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  1. No one has replied to this post in more than 7 years. Well, I remember Capri Pizza, and I used to take the bus from Menlo Park Terrace to spend the exorbitant price of 35 cents a slice to feed there when I was a kid. Then we'd cross the street and catch a movie at the Majestic, and then go up a block a shoot straight pool for 75 cents hour at Mizerak's (yeah, that Mizerak, when Steve Mizerak, the owner's son, was a fat kid in highwater pants with white socks.) The pizza at Capri was unlike any other, just as Paul Sky noted 7 years ago...I'll never forget it, nothing I've had in the ensuing 50 years has ever come close, and when I do taste something that approximates it, all the old neurons fire off, but...close is close, but no cigar. You'd walk in the door - open the door and the fragrance of baking dough, tomatoes,cheese, and garlic would almost blow you back into the street - and buy right at the counter to your left...nothing like it, before or since.