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Desperatly Seeking Sushi...in NE Queens/NW Nassau

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Got the heads-up from a fellow Hound to post this desired location in the Tristate board (see "real sushi" Outer Boroughs board/11-02-03, for original& more detailed message).Bottom line: Seeking REAL JAPANESE sushi restaraunt with SUPERLATIVE QUALITY. Please, no Korean/Chinese/Thai/combo sushi place.There must be one place in Port Washington/Roslyn someone could let me in on?! Flushing is fine too, but again, real Japanese please! Thanks out there! In the meantime....Gone Fishing Again!!!

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    Matthew Pereira

    I second that motion! I don't want to schlepp into the city to go to Tomoe (or Sushi Samba)! What's on LI?

    Also, even if the sushi isn't terrific, is there any place in all of NYC (or metro NYC) that has one of those sushi conveyor belts?


    1. There is a place on Covert Ave in Floral Park that opened recently. I'm no expert, but it is all Japanese and I think the quality is excellent. It's a few blocks south of the RR crossing and I think the name is Shintaro.

      1. I like Daruma in Great Neck (corner of Middle Neck Rd. and Maple Drive). It only serves Japanese food, and I've always found the quality to be very good. I usually steer away from the cooked entrees, although the warm vegetable salad and the veggie appetizers (especially the eggplant in garlic sauce) are good.


        1. i've heard people rave for "thai basil" in whitestone queens

          there's also a really good small sushi place on union turnpike across from the barnes and noble in fresh meadows whichi is good. i think the name is "izuma"

          1. Don't know whether this reply helps at all (given that the original query is three years old!) but my family's favorite sushi spot is YAMAGUCHI RESTAURANT, a small family-owned place across the street from the Port Washington train station. These days, it's the only place at which my (Japanese-American) grandmother will deign to eat. High-quality fish for reasonable (given the product) prices.

            1. The best place for Sushi in the area now is Akiyama across the street from the Whitepoint shopping center. That is actually in College Point but soooo close to the Whitestone border. It is in a little strip mall across from the Whitepoint shopping center at the corder of 14th Avenue and 132nd Street. It is so fresh and so inexpensive. The quality is tremendous for such a resonable price. Service is warm and friendly.

              1. The Japanese restaurant in the shopping center where Waldbaums is has an excellent "Great Neck Roll," costs a lot, but satisfies the craving for sushi.

                1. Akiyama in College Point. Always always the freshest. After eating sushi all around you'll realize this one is the freshest and most consistent.