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Nov 5, 2003 05:58 PM

Lunch in Beacon, New York

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Going to Beacon, NY Saturday. What's our best bet for a nice, casual lunch? Would prefer to stay in town. Thanks.

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  1. Since no one has answered, I'll offer what little I know. I work occasionally in a prison near there and used to go into town to eat at a soul food place that's at the western end of the northern main street. It's been awhile, and there was a bit too much mayo for me the last time so I don't seem to have kept their card, but it's an authentic sort of place. There are a number of newer places toward the eastern and southen areas of Downtown that I haven't tried.

    I keep meaning to go across the river to Kingston to find the BBQ that is so highly recommended on this board. If you can search, try Kingston. It is supposed to be good enough to trek all the way from the city for.

    Good luck!