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Oct 24, 2003 12:42 PM

DeCicco C-Town replacing D'Agostino in Jefferson Valley (Yorktown)

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I noticed last weekend that the D'Agostino supermarket in Jefferson Valley (across from the Jefferson Valley Mall) had closed. Today I drove past and there are signs up saying that DeCicco Marketplace will be opening. I've heard of them, they are apparently in Scarsdale, Bronxville and Pelham and I assume they are kind of like Turco's (which is already in Yorktown). Are they any good? Are their prices decent? I stopped shopping at D'Agostino when they stopped having decent sales; I used to buy fish there but their prices were outrageous (and never went on sale).

Of course, the question is will Yorktown support another gourmet market like this. It's in a different area than Turco's (and the Food Emporium within walking distance of it). There is a fairly sizable senior citizen population in that area, and they were probably D'Agostino's best customers. There are plenty of supermarkets in the area for people who are willing to drive a few miles, so they won't get most people merely because they're convenient.

Personally, I would have been much happier to see Trader Joe's opening in that location, but I've asked the manager at the Danbury, CT store about new store locations and they apparently have no plans to open a store in the Northern Westchester area (presumably if they did, the long deserted A&P in Briarcliff Manor would be the obvious location).

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  1. Interesting. I always thought that Yorktown was an odd location for a Turcos. The town doesn't really seem upscale or foodie-centric enough for a gourmet grocery store. That said, Turcos is my saving grace for living in Yorktown.

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      The old A&P on 9A in Briarcliff will be a Mrs. Green's. Scheduled to open in Feb 2004.

      1. re: Marge

        Oh.. feh. We have plenty of Mrs. Greens already (although maybe not in that immediate area). I want Trader Joe's (or Hay Day would have been nice, too).

        1. re: Bill

          I'm with you on Trader Joe's or Hay Day...but I'm happy SOMETHING is finally opening at that location--the vacant A&P has been a scourge on the area for years now.

          1. re: Marge

            Well, I suspect that A&P really did not want to sell to another supermarket who could actually create real competition for Food Emporium in Briarcliff and A&P in Millwood. It's bad enough that they are actually Turco's landlord in Yorktown (that location used to be an A&P and they leased it to C-Town, which then closed and assigned the lease to Turco's, at which point A&P sued and eventually they came to some sort of agreement). At least if Turco's is doing much better business than A&P's own Food Emporium in Yorktown, they can still get some make back some of the money they're losing.

            Latest word on DeCicco's in Jefferson Valley is that it's opening this Friday, 11/14. They had been planning for this past Friday but they changed the sign about a week ago. They don't look like they have done much in the way of renovations, it appears that they bought the place including grocery inventory. The aisle signs are identical except that they removed the DAG*NYC signs from the bottom and replaced them with DeDicco (or something like that, I did not bother getting out of my car to look that carefully). It will be amusing to see if I can find any DAG references that they missed.

            1. re: Bill

              So I checked out the place on Monday night. It's basically D'ags with a new name (about as empty as D'ags used to be, too). I went to buy some cole slaw that they had on sale, and amazingly they had it priced at $1.59 instead of the 99c sale price from the circular (and this was 4 days after the sale had started). If you go there, watch their prices...

              1. re: Bill

                Bill you are a prodigy. Let me correct your uneducated responses.

                1) A&P is not Turco's landlord, Hal Freeman is Turco's landlord, I know the family.

                2) Dagastinos was always empty... you cant expect a store that just took over to be full within a week. Im sure some price mistakes are common after a store recently switches over. Hell, the grand opening isnt even till Friday....

                1. re: Tom

                  A&P *was* Turco's landlord, at least indirectly. I'm pretty sure they still own that store (it used to be A&P). They had leased it to C-Town when they opened the new A&P at the Triangle Center many years ago and the NYS Attorney General made them agree to give up one of their 3 locations in Yorktown when they bought Waldbaum's (they also had a Waldbaums where TJ Maxx is now and held the rights to what is now Food Emporium but which was a deserted lot at the time).

                  C-Town eventually closed and the owner (Hal Freeman, I assume) subleased it to Turco's. A&P sued, and lost. I thought that the outcome was that A&P had to lease to Turco's directly, but I could be wrong.

                  DeCicco's is doing surprisingly well, it was actually busy on New Year's Eve (3 deep at the registers) and my wife said it was busy when she was in there this week. Of course, the fact that they put ads in the newspaper every week so people know they are there probably helps. They have excellent sushi, the best I've seen at any supermarket in the area.

      2. re: emily

        I never understood Food Emporium AND Turco's in downtown Yorktown, and then Target blows it and lets KMart buy the old Caldor store when they could have taken it and been in an OBVIOUS spot where upscale people were shopping. Now they'll be in Mt. Kisco, which I guess is better than White Plains but still not Yorktown.

        And Central Avenue in Hartsdale isn't exactly an upscale location for the original Turco's, not to mention the location where Gourmet Garage opened, whose shopping center I am sure must be attracting an even lower class of clienetele since The Wiz closed (although I guess there is a Linens 'n Things now).

        I don't know of anyone who shopped at D'Agostino for any reason other than convenience. I'll certainly check out DeCicco's and see how it compares. I saw in one of their ads I found at the Gannett site that they offer free delivery at one of their other stores. That will be very popular with the seniors.

        1. re: emily

          Food centric and gourmet are not what keep Turco's in business. Yorktown, Putnam Valley and the neighboring areas have a huge Italian population that doesn't want to travel to the Bronx for really good fish, bread, and specialties that the A&P and the overpriced Food Emporium have never even heard of.
          I doubt the addition of yet another supermarket chain store will have any effect.
          I don't think we need yet another supermarket either and also would have liked to see something else in that spot. That said, I wish them luck.