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Oct 19, 2003 10:08 PM

The Pie in Port Jefferson

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Good Morning.

I have heard many rumors, but no facts, concerning what should, according to word on the street, be a tasty pizza restaurant in Port Jefferson called The Pie.

Where exactly is this The Pie? Does it exist yet, or is it Coming Soon? Has anyone actually been there? Does it actually remind one of the transcendent pizzas at Pepe's and The Spot, or whatever the names of the ancient and venerable pizza rivals in Wooster Square are, or is it just another overhyped gourmet pizza?

I hungrily await feedback.

Good Night.

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  1. The Pie is right in downtown Port Jefferson. I've been there many times. It's affiliated with Pace's Steakhouse. The owner told me that they're attempting to emulate Pepe's, and they're definitely on the right track. They even serve Foxon Park beverages (the same sodas served at Pepe's in CT). I highly recommend it. The meatball heros are great, too.

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      Do they serve white clam pizza a la Pepe's?

        1. re: David G,

          I'm there. Thanks.

          1. re: Erica Marcus
            Scott - Ridge LI, NY

            I gotta tell you, "The Pie" is finally a GREAT PIZZA PLACE ON LI!!! It may seem hard to believe that good pizza is getting tough to find here next to the pizza capitol of the world New York City, but sadly true!

            Yes there are a few goodies scattered about, but when it comes to "Coal Style Pizza", on LI this is it!!! As good as "Tattonos" and "Johns" in New York City, they are coal pizza heaven!

            Trust me, living in Ridge where people think good pizza is "Dominos" (and yes sadly "Dominos" is better than all of my local pizza places), this is a slice of nirvana! I drive twenty minutes each way just to take out, or sit inside and enjoy it there.

            Everyone I have taken there (friends from LI, Brooklyn, Michigan, and Florida) have been amazed! I sound like I have stock in the place, but simply am very particular about my pizza. This is the best thing to come to LI in years!!

            They have many varieties of pizza, and the Calzones and Meatball heros are outstanding! The soda is "Foxon Park", and you are served it in individual bottles! YES FRIENDS.. GLASS BOTTLES!!!! The soda uses SUGAR not corn syrup!!!!! So recapping: Ice cold glass bottles of varies flavored sodas, made with real sugar! Again, any real pizza lover knows a good cola compliments pizza. Well here's the best of both worlds!!!

            Simply put, Before "The Pie" came along I could find better pizza in Florida than Long Island.. Now there is only one place for me!!!! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!! NOW!!! Main Steet, Downtown Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY.

      1. re: David G.

        Agree that pie is very good. Soda I can do without. You can also go to Salvatores The Pie in Bayshore which shares owners and menus with Salvatores of Port Washington.

      2. Having lived in New Haven where there is fierce pizza competition I can honestly say that Pepe's and Sally's are not that great. There is better pizza in other parts of the city. Modern and name two. Modern is my favorite and Bar a close second. Modern's eggplant spinach and tomato pie is my favorite. The veggie bomb and the Italian bomb are close seconds. If you are going to Bar you must get the mashed potato and bacon white pie with a glass (any glass!) of their own beer.
        My problem with pep's and sally's is that the pies just aren't that good. The bacon is always raw, the crusts are limp from the tip to the crust and most of the time the bottoms are just to burnt. Not to mention the fact that you have to get in line an hour before they open just to get a table otherwise plan on a long long wait. It's pizza, you shouldn't have to wait to hours for a table.

        Having eaten at The Pie I was impressed. The crust was just crisp enough so that I didn't have to use a fork if I didn't want to. I could have used a little more sauce on the pie but when I asked for some on the side they were more than happy to oblige. The garlic rolls were so garlicky and buttery that I couldn't get enough of them.

        The Staff was very friendly and polite. I will go out of my way to dine at a place where I know I will get good service.

        I can definitely recommend the The Pie in terms of great pizza. I have not tried their pasta specials but they look tasty.