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Aug 25, 2003 02:04 PM

Rehearsal dinner for 150 - Larchmont, Rye, Greenwich

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Need suggestions for rehearsal dinner for 150-200 -- we'd prefer a restaurant to a catering hall. Expense not an issue -- tasteful decor, good food and service, large enough space to accommodate all is.
Should be near Larchmont, Rye, Greenwich area.
Prefer French, American, Italian cuisine -- no Asian or Mexican.


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  1. As you know, not a lot of rooms that big around here. Here's what comes to my mind.

    Dome on Greenwich Ave would be a tight fit, but it's a lovely room and the American food and service would please most everyone.

    Centro in Glenville could probably fit you, and there's a wonderful outdoor patio overlooking the waterfall where you could do a great cocktail hour. I think the Italian food is mediocre, however. Worth considering.

    Forget French - none of them around could hold you.

    ValBella in Riverside (at exit 5) is fabulous and with their downstairs room, it just might work. Definitely check them out.

    I suspect Frankie and Johnnie's steakhouse in Rye might be able to fit you, but I've never been inside.

    Morton's in Stamford could fit you if they'd reserve the whole dining room. They probably would on a Sunday or Monday, or even a Friday. I know the management there - email me if you're interested. davemend(AT)

    Perhaps Eclisse in Rye Brook is a decent option. I haven't been in a while but I know it's a big bright room and the food was decent family-style Italian fare.

    Check out the new restaurant at the renovated hotel on Steamboat road. Not sure of it's size, but it's a great location on the inlet and there's a patio.

    Some of the area country clubs and yacht clubs might not look too catering hall-ish. You could look into them.

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      FYI, Dome is closed. The space has been bought by a London based restaurant group that is opening a new restaurant in the fall sometime.

      I think the other recommendations are pretty good, the big issue is the space. I think the downstairs room at Valbella is too small. I think Centro is too small as well unless you're using the outside patio. L'eclisse clearly is big enough, but I think the food is not that great, but you will have to compromise on something. L'Escale is the new restaurant on Steamboat Road. Since it's in a hotel, you'd think there would be rooms for parties your size.I think the country club/yacht club idea is a good one too.

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        I had heard that Dome was closed just for renovations - didn't realize the ownership had changed. Do you know anything else about the situation?

    2. MacMenamim's in New Rochelle is an interesting space with lots of room on two different floors. Actually had dinner there the other night while a rehearsal dinner was going on in the downstairs interactive cooking area - looked like a lot of fun!

      1. Hi, reviving this topic with a bit of a different request...looking for a spot near Greenwich CT for rehearsal dinner. Probably 50-80 people. Thoughts?

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          You might want to try posting a new request in the new Southern New England forum. This topic is probably destined to remain in the General Tri-State Archive because its subject falls into two of the forums that replaced it, the Southern New England forum which includes Fairfield County, and the New York State forum which includes Westchester County.