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Aug 23, 2003 11:21 PM

Ebb Tide in Portchester

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Has anyone been? Any thoughts?

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  1. Bought some lobsters there last year. Great selection. Have not eaten there but it has zero ambience, if that's important.

    1. hi, i was there about a month ago on a hot sunny evening. i had a very delicious crabcake sandwich, although they forgot to give me the potato chiips that come with them. i think that sandwich was about $6, not bad at all. they also have cheap coronas (i think $2.50) and plastic cups of white wine. enjoy!

      1. just ate there this weekend with hubby and 3 kids. I had a lobster which they prepare by frying (quite tasty and the fry part seemed to only affect the shell so I didn't feel very guilty!). My husband had the fish and chips and thought it was quite fresh. I saw someone eating the spicy shrimp and wished i had ordered that as well!
        Ebb Tide is a bait and tackle shop as well as a boat rental spot right on the Byram Lake River. The picnic tables were an add on for those who couldn't wait to eat their "to-go" orders! It was affordable and fresh - though "restaurant" is probably a misnomer!

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          My interest has been piqued...How do you get to Ebb Tide???

        2. I go for lunch ...great spot on a warm or cool (but not hot or cold) day. Sit outside and watch the boats go by and definitely go for the lobster roll, fish and chips and/or the cowder, which is delicious. Eating inside the restaurant on a hot or cold day is like eating in the middle of a bait and tackle shop...not teriibly appealing. Eating on the deck outside is one of the nicer spots in Weschester.

          1. although the food i've had is good, i'm not that gung-ho about them. fish sandwich is very good. and lobster dinner as well (i think 18.95 for steamed lobster, corn and chowder).

            but there are little things about them that are off: after a meal, i tried to help bus my table (seemed semi-appropriate for the ordering scheme: order at counter, food brought to you at table), but one of the staff sniped at me to leave the stuff alone. hey, just trying to help out, ya know? also their lobster roll is premade with lobster AND crab. not good for my companion when he's allergic to crab but loves lobster. -->mild rant here: why don't they advertise this as a lobster/crab roll?

            i really WANT to like them, but i've always felt somewhat disappointed every time i leave.

            a side note here: been to westfair fish and chips in westport, ct numerous times over the past few months, and i absolutely LOVE the place. when given the choice between ebb tide and westfair, undoubtedly i would choose westfair, regardless of the extra driving distance....