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Aug 18, 2003 12:01 PM

Disappointed with Coolfish?

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My husband & I ate at Coolfish in Syosset last night. After hearing so much fanfare,we were quite disappointed! The service was great, but the portions were miniscule! I thought nouvelle cuisine went out with the 80's. We spent $145 for appetizer, two dinners, 2 desserts, and a $25 bottle of wine plus one drink. We were quite hungry when we left, and when we drove past McDonald's on the way out, we joked that we should go in for dinner. My husband actually had pizza when we got home, and I loaded up on bread at the restaurant before we left. As for the quality, it was good, but I've had better fish and desserts. If someone wanted good fish in the area, and didn't want to come home broke, I would recommend Legal Sea Foods. Comments, anyone?

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  1. I actually ate there about a month and a half ago. The funny thing I found was the non-fish dishes were larger and b-friend had the pork chop, which was HUGE and great. I had the soft shelled crab and it was so-so and tiny. Thought the desserts were adequate. Not worth the price but the pork chop and the sweet potatoes that came with it were great! The atmosphere and service was definitely top-notch. I am still looking for a great sea food place in the area.

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      We have a gift certificate for Cool Fish that we've not used yet. Thanks for the tips. A great seafood restaurant in the Nassau area is Port Seafood Grille in Port Washington. So far it's the best seafood we've found on the Island.

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        Let me know when you use your Coolfish certificate. My husband and I still can't get over the disappointment.

    2. We ate there on 1/3/2007. I'm a tuna freak and was not impressed by the tuna three ways starter. My main was swordfish with french toast--- very good fish, good dish but quite heavy. My wife had a grilled lobster dish with mashed spuds with corn and crabmeat. She LOVED the mashed, but was utterly disappointed with lobster.

      Atmosphere is ok, but not noteworthy.

      1. We went to Cool Fish a few years ago & were also unimpressed. We never had the urge to go back. For great fish we usually go to Fiddlehead's in Oyster Bay or some of our favorite Italian restaurants (which always have some great fish selections).

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          I had the same experience and have not returned. So many better places to eat.

        2. I ate at Coolfish 3 times. I was never dissapointed. We even had a 50th anniv. party there for my inlaws. the food is very good and consistent. i still like my seafood the best. I cook what I catch and you cant get fresher than that.
          BTW, last weekend we ate at Bigelows in Rockville Ctr.
          The NE Clam chowder and the fried steamer clams were excellent.
          Expensive too.

          Evan :)

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            Bigelow's is consistently good and consistently expensive. Almost always crowded. Their cole slaw is fabulous.