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Aug 16, 2003 10:09 PM


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whats the best pizza in middletown ..most like NYC pizza...

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    Evan B. Druce

    Colandrea Pizza on Route 211 in the Caldor Plaza.

    1. I was born in Middletown but moved south about 30 some years ago. We can't get "real" pizza down here and was wondering if anyone up in NY know the ingred. such as the cheeses and spices used in real pizza? Like Labellas in Ellenville NY?
      We have Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns and such but they are about as good as frozen. Can anyone please help me get a taste of home?????
      Thanks a bunch.

        1. I used to work in Middletown... I always liked the place in the Playtogs plaza, near the DMV office. I'd say it compared favorably to pizza from a good NYC "slice joint." I was last there about two years ago, and unfortunately I don't recall the name at the moment.

          EDIT: I just checked. The place is called Mama Pina.

          1. I missed this post 'way back when....
            Colandrea *thud*. What memories, going to the movies and hanging out there for hours afterwards....'cruising' around the plaza. The pizza was quite good, too. Is it still there?

            What about Mama Brava? I know there used to be one in the Orange Plaza and I think one in Walden...are they still around?

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              Mama Brava is gone, sorry to say.