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Aug 16, 2003 10:29 AM

Lunch in Saratoga

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Is there a nice place to grab lunch in downtown Saratoga that has a individuality of it's own and not a tourist place that grab's your money and could care less if they see you again.

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  1. Downtown Saratoga is very dependent on the tourist dollar to make ends meet and it's a short season - I think that with the exception of the diner on Broadway (great breakfast spot). That said, I've always had good luck with Hattie's on Phila Street. The food has always been great (Southern cuisine - the fried chicken and the collard greens are outstanding) and service was good on all but one of my visits.

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      Does it have to be in town? A couple miles south you can get some excellent individually-made pizzas at Morrissey's, as well as other good chow. 3246 South Broadway (Route 9).

    2. We had lunch at a Thai-Japanese place (I had Thai dishes) also on Phila Street. It was very comfortable and pleasantly appointed, and it was not expensive. There was also a Ben n Jerrys nearby for dessert.

      1. Bruno's - wood-fired pizza - across from the race track

        1. Hungry spot cafe 480 broadway

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            Really like Hungry Spot for grab and go.

            Now that the Healthy Living Market is in Wilton Mall (a few minutes outside of town) that's another good place. And their food bar has steamed kale, interesting tofu dishes and brown rice if you want that grab and go lunch to be healthy sometimes :)

            Scallions (off Broadway) near the Military Museum is another favorite for lunch.

          2. Definitely "Comfort Kitchen" and be sure to get the homemade tater tots.
            Seasonal, local, inexpensive
            454 Broadway downstairs in the back.