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Aug 7, 2003 01:04 AM

Fate is truly Capricious (cheese recall)

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I somehow missed this until looking up info on Capricious Cheese, last year's Best of Show winner at the national cheese fest. I've always like the name, and one of their pretty vendors seduced me into buying some pricey bites from their booth at the UN Plaza FM on more than one occasion.

Now, I'm told, we should beware of washed curd cheese from Capricious we may have bought at Farmers' markets or elsewhere in June, according to the press release below.

The timing couldn't have been worse (or, speaking as an old conspiracy theorist, better for certain interests).


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  1. did anyone notice the amusingly bureaucratic disclaimer at the top of the page--"FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company."

    As if anyone would be confused and think that a recall notice for possible bacteria contamination was meant to *promote* the responsible company...


    1. I just had Capricious cheese on the cheese plate at Jardiniere last night. It was the best one by far on the plate. Still feeling fine. But that's scary!

      1. If you are concerned about the safety of Capricious Cheese, I would highly suggest that you email them to find out exactly what is happening. I received an email from them, and here is the gist of what it says:

        - Their production & distribution has been closed because listeria was found. It is being thoroughly decontaminated, and should probably be cleared & reopened next week.

        - They have already been cleared by the FDA, and are just waiting to be cleared by the CA Dept of Food and Agriculture.

        - Vendors at the farmer's markets may sell whatever they already have, but cannot get more from the plant until this is cleared up.

        - The safest thing to do is not eat the rind for the time being, but no one has gotten sick from eating the rind.

        Sounds to me like they are doing everything right, including talking to the folks at Cal Poly about decontamination methodology. Capricious Cheese is one of the things that I always buy at the farmer's market (had it last night for dinner), so I am happy to hear that this is almost cleared up.

        If you have any specific questions for them, their email address is

        1. Just bought some Capricious at the Ferry Plaza this past weekend...

          The woman said this batch had been aged about 3 months longer than usual... It has a nicer, nuttier taste because of that.

          Wonder if they have anything to do with each other?